Window Table

Remember when I etched that old window and hung it over the front porch swing?

At the time I’d been planning to create a table to go in that area as well, and I finally got to it the week after we returned from our Europe trip. The process was a little more involved than I’d initially planned, but the result is beautiful and extremely sturdy!


This is what I started with – my 2 for $10 window from the Gardner City Rummage Sale. (I did a little negotiating! : )


The window’s casing (I think that’s what it’s called) was a little narrow, and I was afraid that drilling the holes for the legs would break the glass, so I built a very simple frame out of 2x2s.


I wanted a bottom shelf as well, which I knew would increase the sturdiness of this table, but did lead to some design challenges. Lucky for me, Tony is great with those kinds of things. He gave me some ideas, but I made this whole table all by myself over the course of a few days! The bottom shelf was constructed from simple 1 by 4 boards from Home Depot. My initial plan was to use reclaimed pallet wood… but the time and effort required to break those pallets apart was preventing me from completing this project, and the new wood cost all of about $10. That’s money well spent in my eyes! So the base was super simple to do – just cut the boards to the same size, lay them all out next to oneanother, lay two cross pieces on the back side (I used left over 1x3s from the downstairs bathroom remodel) and screw them all together. I didn’t even have to pause my audio book while using the electric screwdriver! (That’s my phone in the glass. The hard surface amplifies the sound coming from the speaker on the bottom of the device so I can listen without needing a dock or earphones.)


By now I had two main pieces – the upper shelf of the table made from the window and the lower wooden shelf. The paint actually went on the top shelf before I attached the frame, since there was a little overlap and it would be very difficult to get into some of those narrow spots later. My initial plan was to make this table yellow with a little blue peeking through the aged spots, which is why you don’t see everything painted, but it just didn’t look right. I was trying a new technique of distressing that uses vaseline – not impressed. So the table became blue instead with a little bit of yellow peeking through.


Once the paint was dry I went over the whole thing with the electric sander which would give the stain a place to stick to. It’s just so darn easy to distress with stain, that I can’t really bring myself to experiment with wax yet. Once the sanding was done, both pieces were painted with a quick coat of dark walnut stain with a foam brush, and almost immediately the stain was rubbed off with paper towel.


The table legs (8 in all – 4 short ones and 4 medium sized) had previously been stained and coated with polyacrylic, so all that was left was to start putting this thing together! The medium sized legs screwed right into the holes I drilled into the now-enlarged window frame.


I also drilled holes into the bottom of those legs and inserted a 2 1/2 inch two way bolt. You can see them sticking up through the upside down shelf. The idea was that a larger hole would be drilled into the bottom shelf so that it would slide over the bolts and that shelf would be held in place by shorter legs. It sounds confusing, I know, but it worked perfectly.


The short bottom legs already had two way bolts in them, so I removed those with a pliers, applied a little wood glue around the bolts already in place and twisted until my arms were sore and the legs were securely attached. The result was even better than I’d hoped!


The little sign in there was picked up at the Junque Drawer Studio’s Independence Day Sale and says, ” If you think you’re too small to make a difference, then you’ve clearly never spent the night with a mosquito!”


The rug was a freak steal from Target last month. I don’t know why it was marked down 60%, but I didn’t ask any questions. I just took my deal and got out of there! The chairs were both freebies – one was set out for the trash and the other came from Mom’s basement. Thanks Mom!!


Eventually I’ll get around to painting Mom’s old chair black to match the junk picked one, but I’ve been focused on finishing the bathroom. More on that to come soon!! For now let’s take one more look at this great lemonade-sipping-reading-a-book-on-the-porch spot!


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5 Responses to Window Table

  1. That is uber crafty.

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    It is one of my favorite places on earth!!!!
    Love your creativity and You!!

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