Lindy’s Oasis (AKA her new walk in closet!)

The first part of the bathroom project that was completed was my closet. Finally!! No more clothes rack in front of the window blocking the light. No more cringe of fear when I walked up the stairs that the rack had fallen over, despite the two 20 pound weights intended to keep it upright, and my clothes were all over the floor. (To be fair, that only happened twice, but still!) No more sheets of construction dust covering everything. I could finally wash every piece of clothing I owned, as it would all now have a clean place to live! Clearly, I was quite excited.

The carpet installation in my closet was the only part of this remodel project that we paid someone else to do, and boy was it worth it! The installers came about 6:45pm and were out of here by 7:15 with our $100. Money well spent! Tony and I had the baseboards installed that night, and I caulked, painted, and installed the closet system the next day!

I did run into a little snag. Apparently the closet system we purchased was just a little too big for our space. Oops! The space to the left side of the shelving in the picture above was supposed to have a hanging rod too, but the rod was 3 inches too long! A trip to the hardware store, and a little help from Tony, fixed the problem though, and now I have a longer rod and a shelf!

IMG_1931.JPG By installing two wooden brackets, I was able to create a piece of “wall” next to the open closet doorway. That gave me something to attach the hanging rod to and had the added bonus of supporting a shelf. I used thick L-brackets to stabilize everthing, and made sure the screws were all supported with anchors.

It’s a good thing I left the classroom this year! Look how great those baskets fit into that shelving unit!

On the other side of the room I planned to put an old desk as a dressing table. I found the desk months ago in a little antique mall down the street. It was just what I wanted: drawers on both sides for storing extra hair and cosmetic products, and a center drawer for makeup. It wasn’t until I got it home that I realized the color was actually a pale blue, not the gray it looked like in the store! I thought about leaving it but eventually decided to go ahead and change the color.

Since the desk was just going in my closet, I wanted to go with a bold color. Home Depot and Lowes both had signs all over about purple being the color of the season, so that’s what I went with! The paint lady accidentally mixed the wrong color though, so she gave me that wrong color for free and mixed up the right one for me. Score! I decided to use them both.

The hooks and mirror were both items we’d had for years in our townhouse, but didn’t have a place for here. A quick coat of spray paint changed the mirror from black to white. The shelf was scrap wood from the one over the hanging rack, with shelf brackets from Hobby Lobby. Everything was ready to go and ready for move in! I really did wash nearly every piece of clothing I own, then started hanging it all up!

The hooks and shelf over the desk hold scarves and jewelry.

Initially the wall where I put the desk was longer, but I knew I wanted a place to store those big plastic tubs that hold Christmas decorations and our costume box, etc. Since we don’t have a basement, those items are either stored in the attic (which has a very rickety ladder) or in a bedroom. So I had Dad and Tony wall that little corner in.

I’ll install shelves in there so I can actually access those tubs when I need to, but most of the time they’ll be hidden away by that beautiful gray and white polka dot curtain!

The sheer curtain on the full length window was lined with blackout liner, so it lets in just a bit of light while maintaining total privacy. This is certainly my little oasis!

Now we’ll just have to see how long I can keep it clean!

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4 Responses to Lindy’s Oasis (AKA her new walk in closet!)

  1. Debbie says:


  2. Beth and Bob says:

    ONE WORD…..JEALOUS! So beautiful, nice job!

  3. Dad says:

    Nice work baby girl!

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