The Reveal of The Best Bathroom Ever (About time, huh?)

It’s hard to even picture what our bathroom looked like before. And harder still, because I don’t think I ever took a before picture! It wasn’t a space that we really cared to remember. This is it now, though, in all its pretty, new glory!

Let’s not forget the amount of work that went into this beauty over the last 10 months. Remember this photo during the destruction phase?

Now the floor is level(ish) and there’s this awesome new tub as a focal point when you walk in.

We wanted a new bathroom, and we wanted it to have some of the same old charm that is found throughout the rest of the house. So you can imagine how excited I was to find a corner tub (which I knew would fit the space so well) that had feet! We also splurged for that exterior mount tub and shower faucet. Tony is absolutely loving the rain-shower head!

And we were able to get rid of all that original plumbing and replace it with new stuff.


The cornice piece above the tub was one thing Tony fought me on tooth and nail. He did not share my vision at all, but was kind enough to put it up anyway. I’m so glad he did! Even he admits, it just really pulls everything together.

IMG_1950.JPG The cornice also helps hide (a bit) the shower curtain rod. We couldn’t use a normal sized rod with such an unusually shaped tub, and ordering a custom one would have cost a fortune. So we used the same trick we did with our custom curtain rod in the living room – conduit! I stood on the galvanized piping while Tony bent it into shape. We were able to curve it all the way around too, since the tub has a curved edge that doesn’t meet the wall all the way. That way the clear curtain liner can better prevent leaks.


The windows in this space did make design a bit challenging. We toyed with the idea of removing them, but not for long. I love all the natural light! And we did do a light-at-night test to make sure silhouettes couldn’t be seen through the curtains. Once I put a liner on each one, they passed! This little corner is the perfect spot for bubbles and bath salts. The tray rolls right over to the edge of the tub when it’s needed!

We have no shortage of towel hooks. These are old doorknobs from the doors we used to build the front porch swing. The black glass one is in good shape, but I couldn’t get the rust off the oblong knobs, so I spray painted them.


With such an open room, and no door between the bedroom and bathroom, privacy around the privy was very important! The idea of a separate toilet room made us both a bit claustrophobic though, so we ended up with just a partial enclosure.

IMG_1644.JPG The shutter door was a last-minute addition. It can be pulled out when more privacy is needed and pushed back in when not in use.

While sitting in the tub I can stare lovingly at our beautiful vanity. We found this baby downtown last winter at The Crossroads First Friday event. I’d seen an ad for a long white dresser on Craigslist, so we went down to check it out. The plan was to use the long dresser as a double sink vanity. I couldn’t take my eyes off this one though, and we decided we didn’t really need two sinks!

I can’t take much credit for the vanity – the painted top and sides and the stained drawers were already done when we bought it. I just ordered the faucet and vessel sink, and Tony installed it all. We did have to seal the top though, which ended up being kind of an ordeal. I scoured the web for how other people were sealing their dresser-turned-vanities, but very few people had a painted top on their dresser, so they could use sealants that I couldn’t use. I asked at Home Depot and was given two different products, neither of which worked. Tony had a little leak when he was installing the sink and the water soaked right through the 5 coats of protective sealer I’d sprayed on. Ahh! Finally we decided to go with a pour on epoxy. Girls at Alpha Chi had used it in college to make study boards, but I’d witnessed what a mess it could make and how poorly it could come out, so I was terrified of messing it up! We took out the drawers and wrapped the dresser in painters tape and plastic, then poured the stuff on.

Tony went over it with his heat gun, which did an amazing job of popping all the little bubbles.

The end result is extremely shiny (which isn’t what I wanted originally) and completely water tight (which is what matters), and it looks fabulous!

From our bed, we used to look at a little hallway and the door to a half bedroom. That “current master bath” is where the bathroom used to start.

Now we can see the tile, the sink, and the baskets that we installed to fill the empty wall space!

This project took forever, since it had to begin before the other bathrooms could be started, but couldn’t be finished until they were finished. It was so worth it though. We now have a space that matches the character of our home and better utilizes the space. And it was finished just in time for school to start! Yay! Tony celebrated with a cigar he’d brought back from Tortola a little over a year ago.

I celebrated with a bubble bath!

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6 Responses to The Reveal of The Best Bathroom Ever (About time, huh?)

  1. Dad says:

    Nice work kids!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    What dedication and perseverance this project took!! I am soo proud of both of you- that you kept working and insisting on quality work, not finishing it to “just get it done”! It looks spectacular!!!
    Great job!!!
    Love, Mom

  3. Beth and Bob says:

    Oh my goodness, my face hurts from smiling at the beauty of this project!!! The bath tub and shower must be such a treat!!!!!!Of course it really makes one want to totally re-do every bathroom in the house here! Yikes. Wonderful work you two!

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