Disguised Dog Crate

First of all, today was a gorgeous, foggy fall morning. Check out this view from the porch.


Okay, back to today’s update. We’ve had Charlie for about 3 weeks now, and we are just loving him!


However, I was not loving his Taj Mahal of a wire dog crate sitting in the middle of the library. Since there’s a good chance Charlie’s going to be a giant, we opted for the extra large package of goods from the shelter, which included a 48 inch by 30 inch crate… yeah, that’s nearly 12 square feet of space that baby takes up!

Since Charlie’s home base is in the library, that’s the man’s space afterall, which is clearly visible from the living room, I started scouring Pinterest and wracking my brain for a way to keep Charlie comfy while maintaining some aesthetic appeal. Then Tony cleaned out the attic upstairs a couple weekends ago, discovering what we assume was once the frame to an old water bed, and an idea was born!

I was extremely undisciplined with this project, and I took not a single before or during photo! However, it was pretty straight forward: measure crate, cut wood a little bigger than crate, screw wood together, and finish. I did have to sand down the original finish, then I stenciled on some old keys. I wanted just a little uniqueness to the top without going too overboard. Finally, two coats of Walnut Minwax stain, my go-to color, and three coats of polyacrylic finished it up.


Even with the plate stand, there’s a ton of space on the table!


The table top lifts right off so we can take Charlie’s crate somewhere if we need to. I would have liked to include the 4 inch strip all the way around the crate so it looked more like a table, but the door went too high, so it’s only on the front. It does a good job of hiding the curtain rod though!


Charlie seems to like his new crate cover a lot. He’s got a very private space, but he also has a little bit of the window!


Placement for the crate was tough due to its size and the placement of our air ducts, which we definitely didn’t want to cover! I think the chairs and coffee table in front help to tie the space together while connecting with the living room. He’s a view from the side where Charlie’s door is.


I’m happy with the way the library is shaping up!

If you just look at this half of the room, it looks pretty darn good.

Now if only we can get this half to that same point!


Soon, I hope!

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