Catching Up

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! … Happy Groundhog Day!?

So, I’ve taken a bit of a vacation from the blog. What have I been up to? We’ve been taking our cues from Charlie, who really likes to spend his days like this:


Oh, and we’ve done some of this too:


Really we’ve just been enjoying the relative cleanliness and peace of a home with no current construction projects! Yay!

We did loads of work leading up to the holidays in preparation for hosting Tony’s side of the family for Christmas. This was the first time we’d hosted out-of-town guests for several days at a time, and there was a lot to do – the library and front hall to finish, fixing up the front bedroom, oh, and making sure there was a door on our own bedroom! I’ll detail some of those pursuits below.

Phase II of the library has been completed, which included taking down the old nooks that were installed, removing the sagging plaster, replacing it with sheet rock, and installing the base cabinets on the left side of the room. The cabinets on the right side were completed last year. You’ve seen in-progress photos of this work as Tony completed the chimney exposure and masonry work here.
Since the new paint color is nearly identical to the old one, the “After” view isn’t dramatically different from the “Before.”


Once we get those bookshelves installed (Phase III) though, it will be quite a dramatic change. When that happens, we’ll also install trim around the chimney and crown molding around the whole room, which is why I didn’t work too hard to ensure straight lines where the wall and ceiling meet.


On the other side of the door from the hall we decided to put in a desk, which meant stripping the maroon paint off the floor and trying to match the original stain. I wonder if the whole floor was painted that color at some point?


We got pretty close to matching the color. And if you’re on your hands and knees with your head under our desk in order to see the color difference, then you’ve got bigger problems! : )


The curtains were inspired by these DIY No Sew Roman Shades and this YouTube video, and were much more time consuming than advertised. I will admit though, that most of the time was spent ironing! The actual construction of the shades really did take about 5 minutes, but Mom and I spent an entire afternoon on the project and still hadn’t completed it when she had to leave. The result is pretty much just what I wanted though!


Plus, I was able to use cheap $4 miniblinds as the shade skeletons, even though my window was 9 inches longer than what they were made for. Since the Roman shades only required about 9 of the original 70 or so slats, I was able to space those slats out longer than intended on the lift strings.


It just means my strings don’t hang all the way to the floor when the shades are pulled up – doesn’t bother me one bit!

Here’s another Before and After of the library. We’re both so excited to get Phase III started, especially as Tony is already building his book collection, but there’s nowhere yet to store the old books, much less new ones! Work on that project has to wait though, until Tony is finished with basketball season!


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2 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    What a fabulous room!!! What a fabulous Charlie!!!
    Love, Mom

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