Shutter Table

Processed with Moldiv
When Tony put in the new door for our bedroom (There was no door there before – just an opening. Wierd, huh?) it affected the wall that my long dresser was on; the one highlighted in this post.

That meant my beautiful long dresser had to move to the guest bedroom, and I was left with two 5 foot sections of wall. Neither one was really long enough for another dresser, so it was time to get creative.

I’d purchased these heavy shutter doors at a neighboring town’s city-wide garage sale last summer with the intention of building a new table for behind the couch. Then Mom said she had one she wasn’t using and would gladly give me, so the shutters sat on the back porch collecting copious amounts of dust and debris… until a couple weeks ago, that is.


It took a good hour or two just to wipe these babies down with soap and water! Then I cut them to size and sanded the whole thing, doing my best to get each slat.


Painting was another chore – it’s really tough to get into all those grooves without dripping a bunch of paint onto the other side, but I did it! While those two coats were drying I stained the table legs. I used two different lengths of legs, but both in the same style.


When it was time to put the whole thing together I used the same technique that I used on the window table that’s on the front porch. I drilled a large hole all the way through the bottom shelf of the table and used a three inch long screwy-thing to connect the two table legs.


Then I took the whole table outside and roughed it up a little bit to distress the edges and sealed the whole thing with two coats of polyacrylic.


If that wall looks a little funny, that’s because it’s not finished! Tony had the wall up and the door functional before Christmas, but he has only just recently been able to complete the taping and mudding process. One of the these days I’ll get in there and wrap the whole bedroom in plastic so I can sand the wall down and paint it, but this is not that day! I’m also working on a little beauty to go right next to this new table. More to come soon!

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2 Responses to Shutter Table

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    LOVE the table – the perfect place for it!!
    Love you – Mom

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