Paper Projects

These are things I know to be true about myself: 

  • I like pretty things. Don’t get me wrong – function is important! But it has to be pretty too.
  • I am thrifty. Living on an island really helped hone this skill. I can no longer throw anything away without thinking of at least ten potential reuses for the item. 
  • I cannot sit still. This drives Tony absolutely bonkers. When we watch a show at night he gets so frustrated with me. I’m constantly missing details from the show because I’m looking down at my project instead of at the TV. 

These three truths converged during my (no longer so) recent chair reupholstery project. I was really struggling with how to finish that channel back cushion and couldn’t find any feasible answers on Pinterest… or the whole Internet… As a result, I avoided the whole project and watched hours of reruns of Numbers (an awesome show, if you haven’t seen it – this is our second time through!) on Hulu with Tony. And what project did I choose for this binge-watching session? Paper flowers.  


You see, I have this great plate stand that I got for our wedding. It is fabulous for parties because you can fit a lot of food on it and make great use of space. Plus it adds height to the table and creates really nice levels. It even has interchangeable metal shapes for the top, like a star or a pumpkin or a Christmas tree. It’s a great example of function and beauty working hand-in-hand. The issue is, it’s giant. There really isn’t a great place to store it. Last Fall though, I made some extra space for myself by pulling it out and displaying pumpkins and pinecones on it. That melted into Winter when I replaced the pumpkins with Christmas ornaments, then finally just the pinecones. As Spring Break approached I knew it was time to either store the thing again or come up with something Springy. I opted for the latter! 


I picked up the three mismatching plates at Home Goods. 

My favorites are the little flowers that sit flat, because they look the most like roses.

I’m thinking this little display can carry me through until Fall. The flowers themselves are far from functional, but they allow me to keep this stand out of the open instead of taking up an entire cabinet! 

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