Spring Break

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Spring Break! Yes, it’s taken me three weeks to write about Spring Break, but here it is!

This year we spent a part of our time off from work visiting our friends from Tortola. Remember the Boat People?  


Well, about a year ago they sold the boat and moved back to the states, eventually settling in Corpus Cristi, TX, and they invited us to come visit them! 

Unfortunately, we were in Corpus for the few days that they were having terrible weather, but it was so nice to spend time with our friends and at least get my feet back into some sand! 

We spent two very chill days seeing the sites and reminiscing with Doug and Kathy. We ate some great food and got to see the place that is so special to our friends that they chose it over any other place they could settle. 


Our last morning in Corpus, we went with Doug to visit the USS Lexington, a retired aircraft carrier that’s been turned into a museum. This place was pretty darn cool! They actually encouraged you to climb on things!  In most museums Tony would be breaking the rules to do things like this.  


They had a bunch of military aircraft on the deck as well.  


And just as we were leaving Lady Lex, the sun started to peak out.  


As we were waving goodbye to Doug and Kathy, I realized we never took a picture of the four of us together! I guess that just means we’re going to need to visit again. 

We had to leave that afternoon to get back to Houston in time to meet up with my Texas family! They were taking us to the Houston Rodeo. I’d never been to a rodeo, that I could remember, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised! The animals in the exhibition hall were adorable, including these days old pigs who were climbing all over oneanother.  

  It was strangely exciting to see the cowboys in action.

  Figuring out the scoring criteria had me flummoxed, though! 

  I can see why my cousin’s favorite event was Mutton Bustin. Look at this littlle guy trying to hold on to this sheep! I believe our winner was 5 years old, and in his interview he told us that he did good, real good, really really good! Adorable.

After that it was back home to Charlie! Thanks Mom and Erica for taking such good care of him! 


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