Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower Brunch – check! 

The house (well, the first floor) was super clean, the floors waxed, the food was delicious, the Bride’s gifts were awesome. I’d say it was a success. 

Phew, I’m exhausted! ; )

Look at the beautiful bride-to-be on the morning of the shower!

Shall we just highlight the goodies on this table for a sec? Fresh fruit bowl, homemade monkey bread, a fruit and yogurt parfait bar, donut holes, strawberry and cinnamon coffee cakes, blueberry scones (I made those!), and donut holes from the bakery.  Fabulous.

Our friend made the towel cake – that’s what you see with the pink roses and silver ribbon. Pretty cool, huh?

Charlie was kind enough to let us use his kennel to store the gifts. Isn’t he sweet?


I made the “Gifts” sign seen here, along with the “Mrs.” one shown below, with scraps of wood from past projects. I cut the letters out with vinyl on my machine and filled the relief space with white paint. Then I brushed the whole board with a wet paint paint brush before applying the ebony stain. The result was this lovely soft gray-brown look. I’m really diggin’ it, so I’m now trying to figure out what I can write for a sign of my own! I’ll do a more detailed post whenever I figure that out…


It was a lovely morning!


**Please excuse the use of Facebook photos… some of which I stole from the Bride! My plans to take great pictures of the decor and table were altered by the extra early arrival of some out of town guests. We were so  glad they were able to make it though!

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2 Responses to Bridal Shower

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    As always, you do a beautiful job. The table looked fabulous!

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