Operation Curb Appeal

Death, death I say, to the inventor of that supposed weed barrier fabric!  And a curse upon the head of the person who installed not 1, not 2 or 3 or 4 layers, but SIX layers of it all around our house!!

“Lindy,” you might be saying, “where is all this animosity coming from?” Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time landscaping recently, and every time I go to dig a blessed whole I find that *bad word* fabric! It’s been the bane of my existence for the last 6 weeks.

Again, you might question, “But why, Lindy? Isn’t it keeping the weeds away?”

To which I would answer, in our make-believe conversation, “Dear friend, why don’t you tell me? This was our house last summer being reclaimed by nature after our 4 weeks away.”

It’s a good thing Tony’s brother was cutting the grass for us! Those small trees along the front walk there were growing right through the 3 layers of that fabric junk. Weed barrier? My *badword*!

So this Spring it was decided that landscaping had to be a priority. I mean, it’s not like we’ve been lazy bums around here over the last 20 months, but with so much effort expended for indoor projects, the outdoors have been seriously neglected.

I’m horticulturally challenged, to borrow a phrase from an old friend, so Mom has been pretty vital in this endeavor! Also, I have gotten most of the plants from her garden. That’s a really good tip, by the way. If you’re  wanting to do some landscaping yourself, make good friends with a good gardner. Mom’s yard is filled with perennials that need regular splitting and ground cover that she’s been trying to get rid of. I am happy to take her castoffs!

Let’s back up a bit. It all started at the end of March. With the bridal shower set to be held here, I wanted the outside to be presentable at least, so Mom and I went through the existing landscaping to make a plan and determine what needed pruning, killing, and destroying. We did the pruning and weed killing, but left the destroying to Tony and his pickaxe. We had a lot of vines and tree-weed things, (due to lack of care for 2 years, perhaps?) and stumps of plants long past their prime. Once that was all cleared out, we could go get mulch, another thing we didn’t do at all last year.

With so many square yards of flower beds and many places down to the bare dirt, (which did make it easier to remove some of that abhorrent fabric) we had to plan strategically so as not to spend a small fortune (I’m saving for other projects afterall!). One thing we decided to do from the very beginning was to get the free mulch from the city. I was totally prepared for it to be chunky and gross, but we loaded up one Saturday morning anyway with our scoop shovel.

It was great, and we ended up dispersing three truck loads of mulch that day!

Can you believe the paving bricks in the picture below were already there? They were buried under old mulch/dirt and the grass was growing over them, so I dug them out, along with a bunch more of that awful black fabric, widened the flower bed along that walk, and replaced the stones.

Mom’s on the email list for a local nursery and they were giving a presentation on perennials, so we went. Perennials just make sense to me. Buy them once and they come back every year? Deal. The woman presenting really knew her stuff and anytime she said “impossible to kill” or “likes to be neglected” our ears perked right up! We walked out of the presentation with two Buy Two Get One Free coupons, which meant I got to have some plants to greet guests arriving for the bridal shower!

Since then, we’ve been blessed with a simply gorgeous Spring, so I’ve been adding more and more plants to get ready for the rehearsal dinner for our friends’ wedding, which was also being held at our house! Here’s the same view from above taken today.

And the front walk.

I’ve been trying really hard to learn the names for all these plants, and I must say, I’m doing pretty well! On the left side we have Salvia (that’s what I got with my Buy Two coupons from the nursery) and a Peony. On the right are Stella de’Oro Lillies, a Wild Rose which was the one existing plant we kept here, more Peonies, and a Clematis. The Dahlia and Kiss Me Over the Garden Gates are still too small to see, but they’re back there.

Check out my fairy garden on that old chair!

These things could easily become addicting!

Around the side of the house, the round Sedums were already there, but we added the Phlox, Jacob’s Ladders, and Lillies of the Valley all from Mom’s house, as well as the stone path winding through the middle.

The painted crate sits atop a rotting stump, and it will look awesome when that Sweet Potato Vine starts spilling over the side.

I was psyched to find this beautiful pitcher at the Goodwill store, but I dropped it right as I got out of the car! Fortunately, it broke in just the right spot to make it a perfect garden accent piece.

The view from the curb is definitely looking better these days! And it was a great locale for the Rehearsal and Dinner!

Processed with Moldiv

Processed with Moldiv

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  1. Beth says:

    SOOO impressive Lindy and Tony! Just beautiful! Nice help Pam

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