Ugly Shed

We have an ugly shed. It’s sort of a given in this part of town. Have an old house? You have an ugly shed, or a decrepit garage, or something like that. But we were supposed to be hosting (providing the venue for) a backyard BBQ Wedding Rehearsal and Dinner. And that eyesore of a shed was going to spoil the celebration! So one weekend Mom and I set out to make the shed a little less ugly. Here’s a before and after:

Step 1 to De-Uglify Shed: Paint

Apparently at one point someone thought it would be a great idea to paint this beautiful Victorian home pink. Pink?! That genius was probably the same person who installed the corrugated metal shed in the first place, because they painted it pink too. So when it was time to choose a new paint color, I went with the same color gray that adorns our house now. Painting the shed was not difficult, and I did not do most of the things recommended by The Internet when painting a metal shed, like sand off and prime rust spots. I did spray it down with the hose first – does that count? Then we painted like mad, using exterior paint, because there are lots of scary things that grow (weeds) or grew in the past (spiders) in/on/near the shed and we are fraidy-cats. Most of the shed received one thick coat of paint with the idea that we may be able to avoid a second coat. We did! 

Then we came to the door. The ugly shed had a fittingly ugly shed door made from decades old plywood nailed to a 2×4 frame. The top set of hinges was not attached at all, requiring you to lift the door by the almost falling off latch just to get it open. The plywood was peeling and cracked so much that mom didn’t think paint would adhere to it, so we stopped for the day, and the ugly shed looked like this:


Step 2 to De-Uglify Shed: Door

Tony and I had previously discussed that shed door and decided not to replace it because we’re hoping to be rid of that shed completely within the next 5 years. We’d like to build a much larger shed, one that could be used for a workshop and motorcycle garage as well as storage, so we want to put as little money into this shed as possible. Mom suggested perhaps I could just resurface the shed door in some way. She had some extra pieces of beadboard from some work she’s had done recently, and I was welcome to them. I picked them up the next morning and set to work so I’d have everything ready to go as soon as Tony got home. (I had wanted to do the whole thing myself, but I couldn’t level the boards while wielding the nail gun, so Tony had to hold them up there for me.) I used the circular saw to cut the wood to the right size (All by myself! For the first time!!), got some kuddos from the neighbor next door for being able to use power tools, then primed and painted two coats of the gray.

The beadboard remnants weren’t quite long enough to cover the whole door, but we found a 1×6 in the shed that filled the space almost perfectly. It also meant that I didn’t have to worry about perfectly lining up the grooves in the two different pieces of beadboard! 

Step 3 to De-Uglify Shed: Decorate

Tony was none too happy with me when I told him the new hose I’d bought was for a  wreath (“That’s silly,” he said. : ) and it was for the shed! Neverless, it’s there on the door! 


It rained right after I put this up, so I’m thinking I might might need a different material for the bow.

I also added a new trellis (Thanks Mom!) and there will be a Clematis climbing the rungs very soon. The side of the shed is finished with an old window painted red. I think it’s a good balance of decor to try and detract from the ugliness and trying not to draw too much attention to the thing. 


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4 Responses to Ugly Shed

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Great job on the shed. It looks so much better.

  2. Beth says:

    Again so impressive and just perfect!

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