Outdoor Chandelier

Mom and her friend, Nancy, sometimes like to go junk picking. On one such evening they came across several light fixtures that someone no longer wanted and was leaving out on their driveway for trash collection. They grabbed it, knowing I could do something cool! So, I did!   

This project was super easy and quick. Here’s how to make your own:

Materials: chandelier, wire cutters, solar lights (these were $1 each at WalMart), spray paint (optional), stand

Step 1: Acquire your own chandelier. These are available everywhere – goodwill stores, garage sales, or get your own from the side of the road somewhere! This is what mine looked like before I started taking it apart. 


Step 2: Remove unwanted wiring. There isn’t an exact science to this. I started by pulling off the shades and twisting off the faux candle sticks. That loosened the base enough that I could get my wire cutters in there. 


Step 3: Determine how to secure your solar lights. Inside each of my candle sticks was this 4 inch metal piece which happened to be the perfect diameter to hold my solar lights. This step will probably vary according to the design of each light fixture.


Step 4: Attach your solar lights. The lights I picked out had a stake in the bottom meant to be stuck in the ground. When that was removed, the opening was the perfect size to fit over those metal tubes. It took a little twisting and shoving, which meant it would be nice and tight so my lights won’t topple off in a strong wind. 


Step 5 (Optional): My original intention was to paint this chandelier, which I still might do at some point, but I really liked the oil rubbed bronze color and the fact that the solar lights blended so well with it. If I do decide to paint it though, I’ll just pop off the light part at the top and spray paint the rest of it all at once. 

Step 6: Time to hang! I would have loved to hang this on our front porch over the window table and door swing, but the solar panels just wouldn’t get enough light to be able to come on at night, so I picked a spot out in the yard. We have an old stump out there that has been decaying for some time, but not long enough that I can plant anything in its place, and I needed something with some height in that flower bed. The chandelier was perfect. 



Edited 6-1-15: I was asked about a photo of the chandelier at night, so I took one tonight shortly after sunset. The quality isn’t fabulous, as it was taken in the dark, but it shows the amount of light these little guys put out. 


Please note that we do have a street light on this corner, so it’s never super dark in this spot. 

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3 Responses to Outdoor Chandelier

  1. Barbara DeJardin says:

    Very cool, Lindy! Do you have a picture of it in the dark?

  2. Barbara DeJardin says:

    Nice. Love it!

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