Dresser Potting Stand

Many years ago Mom picked up this old dresser for a steal, just sure I’d be able to use it one day as a TV stand or something, and graciously stored it in her basement for me. Well, that was probably 10 years ago now, and I’ve finally found a use for it: a potting table!

You can see this baby has lived a long life… And is well past her prime. Years of use, abuse, and neglect have left this dresser with warped drawers that don’t all close correctly, so it’s not a place you’d want to store clothes or blankets, but they are the perfect place to store lawn bags and gardening tools. The bigger drawers even house some of the scrap wood that used to litter this part of the porch. Yes, I realize it doesn’t all fit, (see right side of the picture) but it helps!

The window that hangs above the dresser was a part of the collection we picked up on the last day of school, just over a year ago. A neighbor of Mom’s was throwing them out. When we pulled up in Mom’s SUV to load them, he came out to help!  I knew a simple coat of paint would jazz this window right up, but I had to wash it down first. A couple years in that guy’s garage and a whole year on our porch had left it pretty nasty. Charlie stepped in to help clean it off.

I just couldn’t stop laughing when he did this and had to pull out my camera! He really went after that water – until he got hit in the face, that is. Anyway, the finished window turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself!

The flowers are painted on with exterior paint using a stencil from Silhouette. I think the window needs a few more flowers, but these were so time consuming, I’m not sure more will happen! To put these on the window I “printed” the stencil onto vinyl with My Machine, then applied the whole stencil to the window. Then I pulled away the actual flower outline, leaving the relief, and sponged the paint on.

   Lastly, I removed each individual petal of the flower. It sounded good in my head, but the actual execution took ages! Maybe I can add some flowers with a simpler design… We’ll see.

Finally, I finished off this pretty potting table with some succulents (since they don’t need much water or sun) in an old electric lantern that no longer worked. My friends at The Depot had these little pots all made up with succulents for $6 or so. All I had to do was finagle the little pot in there!

Now both pieces sit next to the existing teak chairs and door-table to complete the side porch furniture!

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