Traditional Bed into Platform

While Tony’s been working on the library, I’ve had my own project going. I bought a new bed – a big one! We’ve been talking about getting a new mattress for some time now, and Tony has wanted a King size since the moment I made him give his away (It would never have fit up our townhouse stairs!) I get it – he’s tall and likes to spread out, and we now have a bedroom that can fit a larger bed. So, I planned to take half my Summer School earnings to put toward a new bedroom set, including the mattress. That left a slim budget for the actual furniture. Enter CraigsList!  


I’m telling you, this thing is massive! It was in good shape, but not fabulous shape, so I set out to paint this monstrosity. Each layer I added made a big difference, but in all I applied one coat of primer, four coats of white paint, then distressed, and topped it with two clear coats. 

Then we had a little problem. We had to get this baby upstairs! Adter some maneuvering, it was clear the only course of action was to take one of the side posts off so we could get around the curve at the bottom of the stairs. That did the trick!

The new mattress we were looking at was super tall – a pillow top, so I’d initially been searching CraigsList for a platform bed. I also had some other requirements though, which included some sort of storage built in and a footboard, and I just wasn’t finding anything that had all those things. So I figured, we’ll just convert this one to a platform!  
Tony added two more cross supports to the three that came with the bed. Then he put two pieces of plywood over the top. 


I was a little concerned about splinters when I went to make the bed, so we took an old sheet that we had used as a bedskirt on our last bed, spread it out evenly, and tucked it underneath the plywood. Then we each slid underneath and took turns with the staple gun.  

 And here’s the finished frame, all ready for the new mattress! 


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