Bedroom Makeover

We actually embarked upon this project only because we bought the new bed, and it just made sense to paint the walls before we put it in. As usual, everything spiraled from there! This post highlights all the changes we made. 

New Color Scheme 

Our bedroom was one place we didn’t touch a bit when we moved in. The whole upstairs was a neutral tan, and that was just fine. We had plenty of other things to worry about at that point! So, in approaching this new project, my initial thought was to carry the new Master Bath’s soft grey straight into the bedroom as well. But once I got started, I just didn’t like it out there. I laid in the room for awhile, thinking and debating until I decided it had to be blue, but not a blue I already had in the house. It should be more like the color of the bathroom vanity – that duck egg blue I see everywhere on Pinterest. Thank you Internet! It was pretty easy to find a latex equivalent for the popular Chalk Paint color. The sample was perfect, and Tony approved, so I went back to the store for a gallon. 

New Door

Tony actually installed the new pocket door in December before the family Christmas events held here, but it just recently received trim and paint.   


You’ve already seen the bed makeover. To the bed I added a new grey duvet cover that I was super excited to find! I was browsing through the bedding section at Kohl’s and found this bundle of grey fabric. It had no tags and was wrapped up with packing tape. When I got the bundle open I found a beautiful, soft, grey duvet cover and pillow shams in King Size. I took it to the Customer Service desk and waited for a long time while they tried determine a price for the set. When the lady came back with a tag that said $38, I said, “Thank you!’ The coverlet and matching pillows are actually our old Queen size duvet cover. The white throw pillow is from Ikea.  

 One of the great things about such a massive bed is there’s a ton of storage space, which we badly need. I got rid of a big dresser in this redo, which is where I stored all my winter sweaters, and we were already using a lot of under the bed storage. We had 6 tubs under our old bed, of varying sizes, and 5 of the 6 fit under just my side of the new bed. You can see one of them peeking out in the picture above, but it doesn’t bother me!

We’ve had those nightstands for years. They are bathroom cabinets from Target’s old Simply Shabby Chic brand, and I’ve always loved their delicate details and faux-glass knobs. They started white, then went black, and are now grey.   

 This chair and the shutter table have both been discussed in past posts.    


We did buy one item brand new. The dresser that used to hold the TV was too big and pretty girly, so it had to go, but I had to put something in its place.  

 After a lot of looking, I decided on this simple bookshelf from Target. It was already the grey I wanted (major plus) and it was just enough smaller than the old dresser to fit the space well. I dressed it up a little bit by stenciling the cardboard backing. It’s the stencil we used in dining room downstairs, and it adds just the right frilly flair.  


This is a quote from one of Tony’s favorite poems, Annabelle Lee by Edgar Allen Poe. It seemed like a great way to incorporate that pretty Love sign that awkwardly dangled from an existing nail over the bed before.  And anytime I can throw Tony a bone in the decor process, it’s a win! ; )

 These water colors were hanging here before, and I just put them in larger frames. Mom got the French inspired prints for me at an antique store years ago, and I’ve always loved their rich colors.  The new frames pull in the pale grey  of the bathroom and better accentuate the works themselves. 

 The one spot in the room that I was struggling with was the space over the bed. I went shopping, and really loved this printed canvas.  

The bright birds and the grey damask background were perfect, but it was far too small. After some Pinterest research, I ended up with this wooden piece which I’ll highlight more in another post. It was super easy and quick! 


Window Coverings

I really liked the look of the curtains that were in the room when we moved in, but I was horrible about tying them open, so our room always felt really dark. 

 In their place I installed cordless roller shades and placed lace sheers over the top. These had to be shortened in order to keep them inside the window trim, but we definitely wanted to keep that architecture as a focal point. Because they’re white, the room feels so much brighter, even with the shades closed!    

 Now when I look at those old pictures, I see how drab this room was. No wonder I’m so loving it’s new look!  And this means our whole master suite is completely finished. It only took two years! ; )

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