Frugal Finishing Touches – Master Bedroom Part II

There are some aspects of owning an old home that are no fun whatsoever. For instance, windows. We desperately need new windows. Desperately. I went to open one not too long ago, which is an ordeal in itself. Opening a window in our house often involves assuming a wide legged, sumo wrestler type stance so one can push from their legs. (I say”often” because it does vary from day to day with the humidity!) Are you picturing this oh-so-lady-like pose? Goody. So I’ve asumed the position and start to  heave with all my might on this window rail when it pops right off. For real! That piece that holds in the glass and keeps the whole window frame together just dislodged itself. I was stunned… and horrified. All I could do was stare at it for a moment – the rail sticking up at an angle like a broken bone. Then I pushed it back down and called, “Tony!” I haven’t tried to open one since. 

We NEED new windows. 

But holy cow, expensive, right!?!

All this to say, finishing the decor in our bedroom could not be a financial priority right now, but you bet I was not going to leave it unfinished! Thank goodness I like to repurpose old junk from thrift stores! 

Picture Frames
I found a slew of old frames at our local Goodwill store for about $10 total.  (I already had the one on the left, but the other 6 totalled $10.)

I spray painted a couple and hand painted a couple. Spray painting is much easier, but I didn’t have the right colors to do them all that way.  

 The larger frames became the decor to the left of Tony’s side of the bed. A little scrapbook paper behind the glass and some vinly words affixed on the front was all it took. 

 The other frames ended up dispersed around the room.  


Can you believe how much better that little yellow frame looks now?  

Side Table

That side table above was a garage sale find years ago. I think it might have been orange when I got it? I spray painted it black back then, and it’s now finished in one of the greys that was rejected for the master bath. (One of those little samples goes a long way!) The table’s shape is a little more mid-century modern than I typically prefer, so I jazzed it up with a vintage French label on top.   

Travel Maps

We love to travel and have always wanted one of those pinboard maps that let you mark where you’ve been. I made these with pages torn from an old world atlas modpodged over double thick foam board.   

The photo wire is just twine tied onto old drawer pulls that have been painted grey. You can get screwy-things that go into the drawer pull on one side while the other end is sharp, so I used those to screw them into the wall.

I have some pictures from our Costa Rica trip all ready to hang there now!

Birds on a Wire

And, of course, there’s the wall art piece for over the bed.   

 To make it I bought an 8 foot board that measured 1in. thick by 8 in. wide. When I got it home I cut the board exactly in half so I’d have two four ft. long pieces. Each of those was painted with a thick coat of water before applying Ebony stain.  
 The water soaks into the wood and prevents the stain from completely seeping in, the result of which is a really nice aged look. I left the stained wood unsealed to keep that rustic finish. 

The two boards were attached with a scrap of 1/4 inch cabinet facing we had left over from the library project. The wood was sturdy enough to hold the two boards together without sticking too far from the wall, but to be safe we added a layer of wood glue where the two boards came together.

Then I used my machine to cut the birds from different colors of scrapbook paper. The seam where the two boards met became my “wire.”   

I used Mod Podge to attach the birds to the wood, which was surprisingly challenging. After some initial trouble, I realized the problem – usually with Mod Podge you coat the paper and the surface it’s sticking to with glue when you attach them, but I was trying to avoid any kind of finish on the wood itself (to keep the aged look). It just took a little more glue on the paper birds and a lot of careful scraping to get those birds to stick to the wood. 

Painted Ceiling Fan

The final touch was a ceiling fan makeover, but that will have to wait for another day. Now = bed time!

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