Painting a Ceiling Fan… on the Ceiling

The very final step in our Master Bedroom makeover was to paint the ceiling fan. In truth, I wasn’t going to paint it at all. Then Tony went back to work, and I had a couple days alone at home, and I thought – just do it! Spray painting this baby would have been the most efficient choice, but that involves removing the fan from the ceiling and dealing with the electrical. That’s Tony’s department, not mine, so completing this project in his absense meant painting the fan without removing it from the ceiling.

Step 1: Remove the fan blades. Easy Schmezy!  


Step 2:
Begin painting. A really good painter would probably prime first, but I did not. It’s not like a bunch of things are going to rubbing again the fan casing. Coat one looked absolutely awful. The important part at this stage, though, was there’s no going back!  


Step 3
: Keep painting. It took three coats to get to this point using a disposable foam paintbrush and regular latex paint. This color was actually a flat paint sample the we used for the inset paneling in the dining room a couple years ago.  Use what you have, right?!


Step 4
: Apply glaze. I wasn’t really loving the matte color – there’s something about metal that should be shiny. Then I remembered this glaze I’ve had for awhile. I got it on clearance at The Depot and used it on one other project with lackluster results. What could it hurt though, right?  

The difference was incredible! The glaze added just the right shine and texture. I applied it very lightly and went back over it several times to ensure a very sheer cover.  


Step 5
: Paint the fan blades. Our blades were white once, but even a thorough cleaning didn’t quite return them to their former glory. So, instead, I applied a very light coat of gray to the blades. It’s so light that you wouldn’t even notice it if you weren’t looking for it, but when you’re laying on the bed (which is pretty much the only time I notice the fan) the subtle color stands out from the white ceiling.  

Lucky for me, the glaze combined with the elephant ear gray color actually ended up nearly identical to a brushed metal color of spray paint that was left on my shelf. Spray painting the fan blade hardware was a snap (so much easier than painting by hand), and I had the whole fan back together and working by dinner time!  

After reinstalliing the blades and tightening all the screws back up, I went back over all the screw heads with the glaze color to dull the brassiness. VoilĂ !     


Step 6
: Ice your sore neck and enjoy your “new” fan! 

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1 Response to Painting a Ceiling Fan… on the Ceiling

  1. auntpeach says:

    You know I said it must be spray painted – you sure proved me wrong, So great and the glaze – wow, oh wow!
    Way to do girl!!
    Love, Mom

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