It’s Always Something 

As a follow up to the electrician’s visit in August, Tony had a little work to do in his closet. His closet light was on the original Knob and Tube wiring, which all went away with the electrician. So that was issue number one. Issue two was there was no blue electrical box for the light to be installed to. It was just hanging by a wire from the ceiling. Tony’s installed those boxes before as he had the same problem in the half bath downstairs. So he went up to the attic to drill a hole in the ceiling for the box…
And it fell in. You know Chicken Little’s, “The sky is falling?”  Charlie, who was in the bedroom at the time, must have felt like that – he even had chunks of plaster in his fur! 

 All the sudden, this quick little job became much more complicated.
Luckily, Tony had already cleaned most of his clothes out of the closet, but now he was off to Home Depot for some sheetrock. He decided that since it was just his closet, and he doesn’t care, he would just put the sheetrock over the existing plaster and lathe – no easy task in and of itself. Tony and Dad had experience installing sheetrock this way when they’d tried to even out the ceiling in our bathroom. Pushing 4 inch screws through 4 layers of material and really hard wooden joists is no easy task.  

He now has a safe, working overhead light in his closet though… it just took about 10 times as long as it should have. 

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