Happy Adoption Day!

One year ago today we brought home this little bundle of love.

One year ago yesterday I would have been happy to never have a dog. Now I cannot believe how much richer our lives are as a result of this stinky, slobbery, shedding mutt! Happy Adoption Day Charlie!   

Yes, I’ve become that person who bakes their dog a special cake. The irony was not lost on Tony, for whom I forgot to make a special birthday dessert of any kind this year. Oops!  

  He had the whole cake in his mouth at once! I think he liked it.


And now I will overwhelm you with a bunch of blurry iPhone photos from the last year. Why? Because they’re just too precious not to share! If you’re not interested, better close this page right now. 



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5 Responses to Happy Adoption Day!

  1. Jami says:

    He’s a very lucky dog!!!

  2. Dad says:

    Very cool Lindy!

  3. Nancy Clewell says:


  4. auntpeach says:

    Every picture – precious!! Charlie has blessed all of us and you and Tony are the best people in the world to have him!!
    Love, Mom

  5. Nancy Kline says:

    I agree. We just love our yellow lab, Cooper. He is goofy, but he is so lovable. Cute pictures.

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