Chair Pillows

You know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? The (let’s face it, nosy) little girl enters the bear family’s home and can immediately tell which chair belongs to each member of the family? Well, if Goldilocks broke into our house, she’d be able to tell the same about our chairs… no inferencing involved. 

Last fall we inherited two of the brown arm chairs from Tony’s coworker (one shown above). They were upgrading and we had no furniture for the library, so we were happy to take some free furniture. One of the chairs was a little beaten up, and it eventually became Charlie’s. At first we’d sit in it and allow him to sit with us. Now we just put his blanket on it, he climbs up, and sleeps the day away. Well, we felt bad for the guy, having to sit all alone in the library at night while we lounged on the couch in front of the TV. So we recently moved his chair into the living room so he could be near us during Netflix binge-watching sessions, which left one lone chair in the libary (the left one). Shopping time! 

I really liked this chair I’d seen at Ikea, a gray wingback with buttons, and I got an email that they were on sale over Labor Day. Tony grudgingly made his third ever trip to Ikea to test it out, but he likes his chairs very soft and sink-in like, (Just like Papa Bear!) and this one didn’t cut it. I really liked it though, and we hadn’t seen anything we both liked at the previous couple furniture stores we’d visited, so we brought it home. I felt a little wierd about two different styles of chair in the same room like that, especially since it was the only real furniture in there, so I came up with a unifying element – custom pillows

Turns out, these are ridigulously easy to make. I used some thick duckcloth to create the envelope cases themselves, but it would be even easier, and way faster, to use a premade pillow case from Hobby Lobby. Then I “printed” out a stencil of the words I wanted to use on my machine and applied the vinyl to each pillow case. I colored inside the lines with a sharpie marker (Seriously!), ironed over the ink, and inserted the pillow form. Ah-mazing. 

I absolutely love them, and now I don’t feel like my mismatching chairs look quite so strange. Goldilocks would definitely know who was supposed to sit in each chair, though. 

Even Charlie has a pillow!


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6 Responses to Chair Pillows

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Another clever idea…love it! I started my own furniture pieces make over this weekend, and may totally be addicted! Can’t wait to share.

  2. Beth says:

    Awesome!! we have non-matching chairs because we have different likes! each our “own chair” non the less. I always thought it was for old people…Oh, I guess I am old lol, your not old but just really cool young with really cool chairs!!!! Love them, and you!!

  3. Beth says:

    LOVE CHARLIES PILLOW TOO!!! and Charlie!!

  4. auntpeach says:

    YOU are seriously the most creative person I know!!!
    Love, Mom

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