Guest Room Reveal

About this time last year I decided to paint and make curtains for our guest bedroom. Tony’s side of the fam was coming for Christmas, and I just wanted to have a nicer room for them to stay in. From the doorway it looked like this:


Certainly a dramatic improvement over this before shot: 

Except for one corner, the one opposite the bed…

Just so you know, that “closet” (the old one) was about 8 inches deep. I cannot, for the life of me, come up with any sort of purpose it could have served.  I knew we were going to put a real closet in that corner (You can see on the left there is a hole exposing the brick chimney. That was not done on purpose. I merely put a little weight on the wall and it crumbled! Hence the decision to locate the closet there, as wall repair was already a necessity.) so there was no reason to paint the crumbling wall when it was all going to be changed. Sure, it took about 10 months to do anything about it, but that’s okay. It’s all (nearly) done now!

Tony wanted nothing to do with this project while he completed the library, so Dad came over to talk through a plan. I’d already determined the old closet had been built from individual boards, rather than actual sheetrock, because our first winter in the house the paint over each individual board cracked. We decided the whole thing had to go. Dad took it all apart while Tony and I went to The Depot for supplies.


When we got back, Dad said, “Lindy, I have some bad news.”  My first question was “What did you do?!” Turns out he hadn’t done anything (yet) but had found that the back wall, which we were intending to use, was plaster and should really be replaced. So, we began wall demo. Yay.

The next day we framed out the new closet and began installing sheetrock.

Once all the rock was installed we could mud and tape, one of the worst construction jobs there is. Lucky for me, I was out of town for my Grandpa’s 80th birthday, so I got out of a lot of the sanding. Thanks Dad!

Look at all that dust on the floor! With that task complete Mom and I could start painting, after some serious clean up, that is.

Here’s the finished closet:  

Now that’s some serious storage space! But, there’s still plenty of room to the left for my long dresser.


There was still one little problem though. The floor where the original “closet” walls had been was left unfinished whenever it was put in, and I knew I’d ever be able to match the color/sheen that’s on the floor right now. (I’ve tried in a couple other places.) So we decided to install a little reading nook with one of those lift top benches right over that spot in the floor. Everything was on track for the bench to be completed by tour time on Saturday, until Dad had a little accident with the table saw. He’s doing okay now, and won’t need surgery like we originally thought! But the bench will be left unfinished for now.  


I’ve sewn a couple pillows for the top, and I should be able to paint it the weekend after the tour. 

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2 Responses to Guest Room Reveal

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Love your new guestroom! Beautiful! Hope your Dad is okay.

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