Merry Christmas! You should really read this one.

Our holiday plans changed unexpectedly, so we were able to book a last minute getaway to Florida! You gotta love Christmas on a beach!  

It also seemed as good a time as any to announce that we’re having a baby! Sometimes we feel a little like this:

At the prospect of becoming A Guy, a Girl, a Little Tiny Baby, and a Really Old House, but mostly we’re just darn excited!

I’ll detail more about our Florida trip (It includes lots of alligators and Christmas dolphins!) in a later post, but for now I’m going to share some of the holiday decor back home. This part of the post is mostly for me. While decorating for the House Tour I found that I couldn’t remember where I’d put things, just that I’d loved the way they were arranged last year. It was not helpful. So I resolved to chronicle this year’s decor on the blog to avoid the same problem come next Christmas. If pregnant belly shots are more your thing, I’ll leave you with another one from today. Tony insisted he be able to take this one “because there’s a baby (pronounced beh-beh in a low, deep voice) in your belly!”

Also, I’ve been feeling great – no morning sickness at all. I did have a bad cold that I’ve just now started to kick, but other than that all has gone well thus far. I’m due June 1st, and we will not be learning the gender, but preperations for the nursery have already begun. I’ll be able to share those pictures soon too.

We hope you’re having a blessed holiday season!

Front hallway: 


The Joy to the World frame has additional prints for year-round decor.


The corner on the stairs:


This is Charlie’s kennel: 

This year’s tree – next year I think it needs more lights:

Merry Christmas!

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4 Responses to Merry Christmas! You should really read this one.

  1. Kay Cooper says:

    Congratulations, Lindy & Tony! So happy for you both!

  2. Dad says:

    Congratulations Baby Girl!!

  3. Nancy Clewell says:

    Merry Christmas and congratulations! So happy for you. Can’t wait to see how you are decorating the nursery.

  4. Mary McNicoll says:

    Congratulations Lindy and Tony

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