Nursery Project 1: Glider

Tony purchased this glider for Baby’s room a couple months ago from our favorite shopping spot, Craig’s List.  

 It was already white, which is the color I wanted (Yay! No painting!), but the cushions were in bad shape. First of all, they were covered in denim. No, thank you. But the previous owner had washed them in her washing machine and the foam inside each cushion didn’t appreciate it. No big deal! You expect those kinds of things when you buy furniture on CL. I ordered up a 3 inch foam camping mat from Home Depot (the same foam I used for the coffee table ottoman), traced around the original cushions, and pulled out a serated knife. 

The cuts weren’t clean, as evidenced by this photo of the naked cushions fitted on the chair, but I thought they’d be just fine once the covers were sewn.  

 I thought that, of course, having absolutely no idea what I was doing! A couple blog posts via Pinterest gave me some tips, so I laid out the fabric and started cutting. The foam for the new cushions was considerably thicker than the originals, so I cut some 4 inch gray strips to go around the sides of the cushions.    


One of the tricky parts was keeping everything symmetrical. I laid out the fabric (Recognize it as leftovers from the dining room chairs?) and traced around the new cushions for the front and back of each one, but then I folded the fabric in half and trimmed it until both sides were the same.  

 After sewing the gray stips together, I pinned them around the other fabric. I learned this from one of the blog posts on Pinterest. I definitely didn’t know to do this on my own! Apparently this is how you make a “box cushion.”  

 A quick fit of the seat back at this point had me pretty excited about my prowess with the sewing machine, but I still had to install two zippers. Have I mentioned that I had no idea what I was doing?? The lady at Hobby Lobby didn’t help much either when she told me how difficult zippers are to install. YouTube, of course, had a very helpful tutorial though, and I was pleased with the result. I mean, I won’t be sewing any clothes with visible zippers anytime soon, but these babies are completely hidden while on the chair, so they’ll be just perfect!   

 From there I just had to finagle those cushions into the covers and zip them up! The fit wasn’t perfect, so I stuffed some loose pillow batting into the top and front edges of the cushions to fill it out a bit and prevent the fabric from puckering so much.  

 The ottoman is from Ikea – purchased on super clearance when we bought my library chair. They’ve changed their gray fabric, and this is the old color, but we kept it knowing there was a little one coming.
I think this will be a pretty comfy spot to rock with Baby!


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6 Responses to Nursery Project 1: Glider

  1. Kay Cooper says:

    I’ve always enjoyed your posts and seeing your creativity. I just wanted to share a tip about cutting foam: use an electric knife. If you or your mom have one, you can make professional looking cuts very easily. Good luck with your next project. I’m so excited for you and Tony to have a little one. : )

  2. Beth says:

    Adorable! Coming along great!!! Love the framed pics in the background of the chair too!!

  3. Dad says:

    Nice work Baby Girl!
    You are amazing!

  4. Nancy Kline says:

    Looks beautiful!

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