Nursery Project 2: Mobile 

No nursery is complete without a mobile, right? Perusing Pinterest with that search term yields endless results, but I’ve been taken by the ones that utilize colored paper circles. Many of them have the circles perpendicular to the ground, which seemed easy enough. You just glue the string between the two paper circles. 

But then I stumbled across some Etsy listings  where the circles seemed to dance.  


That’s what I wanted!

Most of the pictures, and this tutorial, I found used embroidery hoops as the structure of the mobile. They’re cheap and easy to find, but sometimes I like to challenge myself to complete a project using only materials I already own. Besides, it’s been flipping cold, and I did not want to run to Hobby Lobby on a cold Saturday. Racking my brain for something that would serve the same purpose as the hoops, I remembered this red lampshade that’s been sitting upstairs, just begging to be repurposed.  

 I think it came on a lamp I picked up at Goodwill, and while it was in great shape, I have no use for a red lamp in my decor scheme. So I stripped off the fabric and wrapped the metal frame in gray yarn. Spray painting would have been way easier, but I didn’t have any gray (remember the challenge), and it was too cold to paint anyway. 

I searched my scrapbook paper stash for a mix of colors that would be gender neutral and used my circle punch to cut out a couple hundred or so circles. I didn’t have enough of each colored page to make each circle double sided, so I took an old book (purchased from the clearance section at Half Price Books specifically for paper projects) and cut circles from there to be the backsides. After glueing them together, I started stringing them on gray thread with a colored seed bead tied in between each circle to keep it from slipping down. It was, in practice, precisely as tedious as it sounds, but it kept my hands busy for a couple weeks when Tony and I watched TV. 

 After I’d amassed a bunch of strings of circles, it was time to tie them onto the lampshade. 

I flipped the shade frame upside down so the narrow circle would be on the bottom and started with a few strings there to figure out the spacing. My shade had an inner ring as well where it was designed to attach to the lamp base. To that I tied three really long strings of circles to hang down just a bit lower than the other row, creating a chandelier effect. The top row was last and was the shortest. Then I just cut all the excess strings, and it was done! 

Of course, I wanted to hang it right away, but Tony convinced me to wait until the crib was put together and in place. He’s so darn practical sometimes! It’s a good thing I listened to him this time, as my hanging plan would have been an epic fail. Here’s the mobile in place: 

As I was tying the strings on, I worried the book page circles would overtake the beautiful colored ones, but I’m actually really pleased with the contrast. 

Tony was adament that I also note what the baby will see, so here’s the crib’s eye view: 


No pictures of the crib itself yet. They’ll be coming soon. I went a little crazy last weekend with baby projects… But that’s a story for another day!

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5 Responses to Nursery Project 2: Mobile 

  1. Beth says:

    so sweet, beautiful view of color!!!!

  2. Dad says:

    Nice work baby girl!

  3. Nancy Kline says:

    Awesome job and so cute.

  4. Nancy Ingram says:

    Sooooo cute!

  5. Linda B. Albee says:

    Love all your pictures. Must see everything for myself!!

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