Broken Pipe

So, sometimes your husband calls you and says, “Wifey, have you left for work yet?”

“Not yet,” you reply, “why?”

“Would you go out in the yard and see if you see any water? I saw some ice on the sidewalk this morning, and it’s been kinda bugging me.”

“Ok,” you respond. And sure enough, there’s a little stream of water bubbling up from the ground beneath the tree – right where the water line runs from the house to the main. Goody. 

Maybe that conversation hasn’t happened to you… But it has definitely happened to us, now. On the first day of Parent Teacher Conferences, no less. The day when we work from 7:30am to 8:30pm. Fantastic.

I called the city to turn off our water, and Tony spent the day calling plumbers and haggling… When he wasn’t teaching, of course.  

What do you do, you might ask, when your water line needs replacing? You turn the water back on just long enough to fill your fridge with pitchers and water bottles and lug a 5 gallon bucket up to the bathroom. At bedtime you heat some water on the stove and fill the sink basin with water to wash your face. You temporarily institute an “if it’s yellow, let it mellow” policy, and you pour water from the 5-gallon bucket into the toilet bowl when it’s time to flush. (It felt a bit like a flashback to Tortola power outages!) 

The next day you thank the nice men who came out on a frigid cold day in February to dig up your yard and give you back the gift of running water. But don’t thank them too profusely. You are about to give them all your money. 

Then you leave for work, not showered, with the door unlocked so the workmen can get into the cellar and your yard like this:


You get home late that night, and the next morning your yard still looks like this because they couldn’t get an inspector out late yesterday:

But, thankfully, you now have running water again, and now it’s running into your house, instead of your yard, and just when you tell it to. Phew!

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