Nursery Project 3: Crib

I did not build our crib. I didn’t even upcycle one. A little piece of me hurts to admit that I found this crib on and loved that it had a solid back (for storing things in that corner) and didn’t cost an arm and a leg. I did DIY the crib skirt and the teething rail cover though! 
First, the crib skirt.  


I’ve had this gray fabric for ages. It was the shower curtain in our first house, and I love the material. It’s thick and has this subtle texture, and it’s just fantastic. I used half the curtain for another project, but I had just enough left for the skirt. I wanted a little something extra though, and a little scrap of leftover curtain fabric seemed like the perfect accent. I just hemmed the bottom of the shower curtain in three seperate pieces, cut a slit through the middle of the largest piece, and sewed the hemmed polka dot fabric to the back. 

I used safety pins to attach the skirt to the bedrails. That way, when the mattress needs to be lowered, I just move the pins.
For the teething rail, I bought some of that minky fabric and this really nifty device to attach plastic snaps. The fabric was very easy to work with because it doesn’t fray at all. I probably didn’t need to sew the simple seam around the four edges of the long rectangle, but I thought it would add stability. 

Then I used my new tool to attach the snaps. The first step was to poke a hole through the fabric. 

The snap comes in two pieces. One goes through the hole in the fabric and the other meets it on the underside. 


The minky fabric is thick, so pushing the plastic pieces together did tear up my nails! Once the pieces were connected, the little device fit right over the top and squished the pieces together. 


I put a set of snaps every 5 or 6 inches apart so they were evenly spaced between the crib slats.  

To help keep everything tight and add some cushion, I laid a piece of felt on the inside before snapping the cover onto the crib rail. It still wasn’t quite thick enough, so I topped it off with some packing material from the crib until I can get more felt. 

There’s not too much left to do in the nursery. The essentials are ready to go (the crib and the glider). I’ll change out the artwork that’s currently in there with this great project my friend, Amy, came up with. The rest, though, I have to make myself hold off on until after the baby shower, so I’ll be looking for some other projects to occupy my time. We’ll see what I come up with! 


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  1. Beth says:

    Precious!! I want to be your baby:)

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