Nursery Projects  4, 5, 6…

Phew! Baby projects sure involve a lot of sewing! 

It all started with this nursing pillow.  

 I wasn’t even going to get a nursing pillow, but a friend raved about hers, so when I saw this one on a quick run through the local Goodwill store, I couldn’t pass it up. It’s was only $2.50 after all. Then I stopped by Hobby Lobby for some other things and just dropped through the fabric section. They had these gorgeous quilted fabrics on clearance for $5 a yard. They’re fleece on one side and a soft microfiber on the other. I fell in love with the turquoise and flowers one, but that screamed anything but gender neutral, so I also nabbed up a yard of the navy and a zipper for each. Here’s the girly cover:


And the boyish one:  

A yard of each fabric was easily enough for a nursing pillow cover in each print, but then I had all this extra fabric. I couldn’t just let it go to waste! I pulled out some old ribbon and cut a rectangle from each fabric. By folding the ribbon in half over the edges of the rectable, I was able to seal the seams of these little mini-blankets.  These are just chilling on the back of the crib until we know boy or girl!   

 I still had more scraps of fabric though, and I had a ton of ribbon, so I pinned it all together for one of those tag blankets, adding some washed chip wrappers to the inside so they crinkle. Apparently babies like that kind of thing?? 

I still have more scraps, and with all the people I know having babies, I just might use them to make a few more tag blankets!

Working with all that ribbon led to another project – burp clothes! Pinterest has told me that prefold cloth diapers make the best burp clothes, so I added some ribbon to dress them up a bit. The rest were dyed with RIT dye, a project totally worth doing again sometime!

Finally, I whipped up a couple little hair bows. Since we’re only investing in gender neutral clothing at this point, I figured a bow will be what initially tells people it’s a girl, if Tony’s prediction is correct, that is.  


I’m running out of baby projects to do at this point, so hopefully I’ll have a few other things to share with you soon! 

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4 Responses to Nursery Projects  4, 5, 6…

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Love the crinkle tag blankets! You are so crafty. Everything you make just looks so nice and unique.

  2. Jami says:

    Everything looks great! You know Angi (Becky’s friend) is able to stay home by making boppy covers and changing pad covers! (sells thru Etsy) Also, the crinkle is GREAT! Dave actually just gave Dawson the potato chip bag. (cleaned, of course) I think I bought a crinkle blanket but of course, have no idea where it is now! And, Joyce makes awesome burp cloths!

  3. Dad says:

    Nice work baby girl . . . . as usual!

  4. Nancy Ingram says:

    You inspire us all! Busy sweet momma-to-be!!!! Have fun!

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