Simple Organization Upgrades


We’ve been taking things pretty easy around here lately. Tony’s been doing homework like crazy, and when he’s not working we’ve been playing KC tourists a bit – staying on the plaza, visiting the zoo, eating out and seeing friends, etc. I have been experimenting with some DIY maternity photos. Hence, the photo above.

Over Spring Break I did get Tony to add a shelf over the laundry.  


It was a very simple affair, and I didn’t even finish the plywood since it will be hidden behind the curtain most of the time. The extra storage will make a great place to keep Charlie’s 30lb. bags of food, getting them out of our front hall closet. 


I’ve also been trying to figure out how I can tidy up all my craft supplies in the office, now that it’s also a guest room. The open shelving was just so messy! 


Eventually this room will get a full makeover, (I’m thinking a light grey with yellow curtains.) but I just can’t get myself to do the wall repair that would be necessary before painting. In the meantime I needed something cheap and easy. Not every project has to be a big ordeal, right? When I found these storage bins at a fabulous price, I decided they were the best option to clean things up. At some point I’ll add some labels with the contents of each bin and will do something with the plastic storage drawers behind the door. This is a good start, though. 

  Now the guest room looks nice from the entry door, at least! 

If you ever stay here overnight, please just pretend you don’t see this disaster zone!

Yikes! I do have a plan for this side of the room, but it will probably be a late summer project. I’ve got some things going on in the next few weeks… Like welcoming a new little human into the world.  ; )  We aren’t planning to have overnight guests  again until Christmas. I think I should be able to pull something together by then!  

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1 Response to Simple Organization Upgrades

  1. Dad says:

    Your blog may need a new name soon. Perhaps “A Guy, A Girl, A Really Old House and A Tiny Little Baby”.

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