Baby Shower

Let me just say, I have some amazing friends. Holy cow. Last weekend they threw me the most fabulous baby shower! Monica even flew in from Colorado as a surprise! 

I was horrible about taking photos – bad blogger! Amy and Emilee had put together a delicious spread of muffins, cinnamon rolls, quiche, yogurt, fruit, and mimosa/mom-mosa. Makes my mouth water just thinking of it! 

Then we decorated onesies. A couple months ago several of us got together to dye said onesies. I have very little experience with RIT dye, so it was a bit nerve-wracking. Tony pulled out some 5 gallon buckets and paint sticks for stirring, and we moved the kitchen island off to the side so there was plenty of floor space. 

It took the better part of a Sunday afternoon, but when we were done we had some beautiful colored onesies! 


This was about 1/2 the stash we dyed that day. The other 1/2 were for the baby shower of our friend Anna, who now has twins girls at home! 

Anyway, at the party, each guest picked a onesie and a design and ironed it on. I had each person take a selfie so I’d know who made each one. It’s been fun for me to look back at the photos because so many of the designs people chose are so reminicent of their personalities! 

Check out the finished designs, all laid out on Charlie’s kennel: 

After onesies it was time to open Baby’s gifts. I’m still overwhelmed by everyone’s generosity. 


And look at this great baby washcloth wreath that Amy made!


That afternoon Tony’s mom, Jeanne, and I unpacked everything in Baby’s room. 


The bookshelf is full of new board books.

The blankets are all unpacked and washed, including two beautiful hand-crochetted blankets. 

The artwork has been hung on the wall.

Even Baby’s closet is filling up!

Thank you Emilee and Amy, and all my sweet friends and family! 

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