Kitchen Backsplash

You know how sometimes you think and think about something but you just never do it? Well, I’ve wanted to do something about our kitchen backsplash for a long time now. When we moved in it was this row of cheap, ugly tiles that I just hated. But we were planning a full kitchen remodel, so it seemed silly to try and mess with the wall that we were pretty sure was plaster. You just never know how those plaster walls are going to take a reno project, and boy is it messy! 

Then a few months ago someone commented on an old kitchen post (someone I don’t know – that’s always exciting!) suggesting I just cover over the tiles with beadboard wallpaper. It was a good idea, but the tiles weren’t installed very well – they’re kind of uneven and I thought the grout lines would show through the wallpaper, so I just dismissed it. Then one day, it hit me. Why use wallpaper when I could use actual beadboard? I still didn’t want to take the tile down, so I just didn’t! And let me tell you, this turned into one of those projects that was so flipping easy, and fabulous, that I can’t believe I didn’t think of it sooner!

My dad had some extra beadboard from building the bench seat in the baby’s room, and we already had the paint, so all we had to buy for this project was a tube of construction grade adhesive. Dear, sweet Tony, who’s in the middle of three(!) graduate classes and super busy, has been very supportive of his crazy, pregnant wife, and he cut all the beadboard for me. I’m pretty good with a miter saw, but I’m just not yet wild about taking on the circular saw freehand. 

A coat of primer and two coats of paint, and these babies were ready to go up! Here’s the adhesive.  

 We pressed the wood paneling straight onto the tiles and held it there for a minute or two. Then I came back and just pushed on everything every few minutes until there weren’t any more air bubbles. There was one spot where the tile was installed particularly unevenly, and the beadboard wouldn’t stay put. Rather than one of us sitting there for ten minutes waiting for the glue to dry, Tony grabbed some 20 lb. weights and we leaned them against the trouble spots. 

A quick coat of caulk and a topcoat of white paint finished it all off. What a difference!

There will be a piece of trim along the bottom of the beadboard, so that will take care of the gap that is visible in a couple areas, but this project ended up being the first in a series, so I haven’t gotten to that detail yet. More to come soon!

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3 Responses to Kitchen Backsplash

  1. Dad says:

    As usual, nice work

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