New Windows, Baby!

We can now start describing Edmond’s age in weeks, not days. It’s hard to believe that just 2 weeks ago we brought him home! So much seems to have happened in that time.  I sure am glad he held off his arrival until after the kitchen (and the school year, for that matter) was finished. Every time I wash a bottle in the new sink I think about how much nicer it is than the old one! 

In anticipation of the questions I’ve been getting most frequently:

     1. Edmond’s eating really well. He’s up to 8 lb. 1 oz. from his birth weight of 7 lb. 7 oz.

     2. He’s sleeping pretty well too. We’ve enjoyed several nights where he’s slept 5 hours at a time!  He’s a loud sleeper, so I’m hoping we’ll be ready to move him into his room soon.

     3. Charlie is doing a great job as Big Brother. When Edmond is in the Rock’n’Play or the carseat, he’ll go up and sniff at or lick his feet. When we’re upstairs in the glider, Charlie will lay patiently on the rug for us to finish.  He does have a little trouble when people come to visit because he wants to see them and Baby Edmond, so we’re working on improving guest behavior.

 Per everyone’s instructions, I’ve been focusing on healing from labor, sleeping, and getting to know our new little man, but there are still a few things happening around this old house! The biggest thing is the culmination of our window replacement project. This was supposed to be a long-term project. You may remember we replaced about half the windows last Fall. We financed that purchase, interest free, for three years. Our intention had been to pay off the first half of the project, then have the rest of the windows installed at that point and take another three years to pay off round two. It was a good plan. In the meantime, though, we decided not to do the full scale kitchen remodel that we’d been saving for, and a few months ago we started kicking around the idea of replacing the rest of the windows with that money. Well, we finally decided to book it around the beginning of May. Nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?! We ended up with a little delay due to a window broken during shipment, but they were able to come out and install the rest of the windows on Thursday last week. 

I have no “before” pictures. It was either track down my memory card or feed Edmond before the workmen arrived, and I figured the latter was the more responsible choice. But this batch of windows was in similar shape to those that were replaced previously – drafty, rattly, and enclosed by ill-fitting storm windows with years and years of grime. This batch also included a broken kitchen window which was painted shut years ago and the plastic bathroom window that I’d previously covered up with  faux stained glass. You can just see the window over the window on the right side of this before photo from the downstairs half bath/laundry. In an effort to create some privacy for people using the privy,  I used a (really stinky) can of frosted glass spray paint on the bottom sash, but the top sash was actually a sheet of scratched up plexiglass! Nice.  That big window hung in front of the plexiglass and also provided some extra privacy.  

Anyway, the new windows were immediately  put to good use, and not just because we have had beautiful weather. When I got home with Edmond from hanging out at Mom’s during the window install the house was pretty stinky from all the freshly applied caulk. On Tony’s suggestion, I opened up windows all over the house, then closed Edmond and myself up in the half bath, the smallest room in the house and therefore the easiest to air out quickly. While we were in there, EO got hungry, so when Tony got home from work, we were still in there, chilling on the floor, while I nursed the little guy. 

Check out all that natural light coming in! Plus it’s actual glass, and it opens! Bonus.

The next day was even better. I was napping on the couch when there was a knock on the door. It was a fireman in full uniform, to let me know that a gas line outside our house had been hit by the Google Fiber installation crew. (Later we found out from a neighbor that they hit the line and immediately jumped in their cars to hightail it out of there!) The fireman tested all the rooms in the house and assured me that my ten day old baby and myself would both be fine, but the lady from the gas company asked that we please vacate the premises anyway, just to be safe. After an hour or so of hanging out at Dad’s, we returned to a very stinky home. Tony opened every window in the house (because he could!) and it aired out quickly. Since then we’ve had various crews out every day digging in our yard. 

Despite the excitement of the new Windows, it’s fantastic to 1) be able to see out and 2) be able to open all the windows in our house! And now I don’t have to worry about EO leaning against a window in his room when he gets a little older and having the glass shatter all over him!

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2 Responses to New Windows, Baby!

  1. Heidu says:

    Oh, Lindy!. What a precious little bundle! I’m so glad you posted. I’ve been thinking about you and hoping for pictures. 🙂 Thankful all is going well and here’s hoping for more window opening days ahead!

  2. Christina Robsn says:

    I love the nickname EO!. What a bundle of beautiful baby boy!

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