Flag Day Wreath

Happy Flag Day! In honor of this patriotic holiday, I put together a very quick little project – a patriotic wreath. 


A burlap wreath is truly one of the easiest projects to put together. It requires just a few supplies: 


Can you believe that stars and stripes burlap was in the holiday section at Walmart? I’ve had it for awhile now, knowing that this was the kind of project I might have time for once Baby arrived. 

A burlap wreath is nearly impossible to mess up. You just weave the material between the metal slats of the wreath frame. The hardest part is gauging how much material to use. You want it to be bunched pretty tight to make the wreath full, but not so tight that you run out of burlap before it’s finished. 

For this project, the stars and stripes burlap was shorter than most rolls. I could have probably used a second roll of the stripes, but I mixed in the plain burlap instead. 

I’m not usually very good at decorating for the summer holidays. School wraps up and I just sort of forget to transition my decor from Spring to Summer, but this year I’m prepared! I’ve also updated the little photo frame in the front hall… Though everything else up there is still the same!


In other news, family has begun to arrive from out of town to meet little Edmond! We’re all trying to get used to our new titles – Mom & Dad, Great Aunt Amy, Grandma (Mimzy), and Great Grandmother & Great Grandfather!


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5 Responses to Flag Day Wreath

  1. Jami says:

    Oh my goodness! How are you finding time to do crafts? Edmond must be a good sleeper!

  2. Nancy Clewell says:

    Love! I’ve had that on a pin board and have wanted to do one…but no where to hang it. The family photo is terrific!!!!

  3. Christina Robsn says:

    How wonderful to have family gathering to meet little Edmund. I look forward to getting to meet him myself very soon!

  4. Pam McNicoll says:

    The wreath is beautiful!!! Such a great weekend with the fam! They loved their time with you and soo loved meeting little one!!!
    Love, Mom

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