Floating Bookshelves

I am loving my time with little EO! What a privilege it is to watch him grow and grow!  

Tony’s having a good time too. Here’s father and son reading poetry.  And we were finally able to snap our first family photo today! Even Charlie joined in, looking all regal. 

 Anyway, as much fun as we’re having with Edmond, what a blessing it was to send him overnight with Grandma Mimzy. We missed our little guy, but man did we sleep well! And I was finally able to catch up on some dishes and laundry and putting away the winter clothes (Yes, I know it’s July!). I also completed one teeny tiny project I’ve had on my To Do list – the bare wall over EO’s toy box.    It was a lovely wall over a really lovely toy box, but it was bare, and bare is just not my thing. I decided on some floating shelves to hold the books that were too tall for EO’s bookshelf. 

I’ve said for several years now that I knew some day I would value premade things over homemade ones, but that I’d go homemade while I had the time. Well, that day has come. Plus, Ikea’s floating shelves are just $6.99 apiece. No brainer!

Holes drilled, anchors placed, screws installed, and done!   Tony’s only complaint is there aren’t enough books up there!


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8 Responses to Floating Bookshelves

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Fabulous family picture!
    And you know that Mimzy is already looking forward to another overnight!!
    What a joy he is!!
    Great job with the bare wal!!!
    Love, Mon

  2. Debbie Cooley says:

    Great pictures! What a beautiful family!!!

  3. Sabina says:

    Adorable pictures Lindy!!! God bless your family!!!

  4. Christins says:

    What fabulous photos, Lindy! I love them all, especially Daddy reading poetry to EO.
    You have inspired me with your floating bookshelves. I need some floating shelves put on our screened porch. I will have to check out IKEA! Hmmmm-need something somewhat weather resistant.

    • Thanks Christina! Will the shelves be hit directly with water? If not, you’d probably be fine if you add a sealant on top. IKEA might even sell a sealant for their outdoor furniture that would work.

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