Mom Car

EO’s two months old now!

And it’s official. I’m now the proud owner of a “Mom Car” – one that can hold the baby, the fur-baby, and still have room left for some luggage. We spent one afternoon, two evenings, and a stormy morning at various dealerships trying to find just the right new-to-me vehicle. 

And now that we’ve made the decision, it’s time to move in! The spare blanket and cold weather gear is stored in one little compartment, a couple diapers and wipes are in another compartment, and all my favorite radio stations have been preset. We are ready to take the whole fam out for a ride! Except for one thing. Right now that car is clean. Super clean. And I love that! So before we could take Charlie to the park, I had to prepare his special seat. 

I picked up a couple yards of that fabric lined vinyl that’s usually used for table cloths and cut it to fit the trunk space. 

Right now the vinyl is attached with Velcro. We’ll see if it will hold up to Charlie and can keep my new trunk dog hair free!

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2 Responses to Mom Car

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    What an adorable boy! đź’–

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