Road Trip!

I know I’ve been MIA for awhile, but THIS was happening! 


And, not to mention, all this too!

Anyway, school started, Tony went back to work, and I got to start maternity leave! On the first full day of school EO and I hopped in the car with Mimzy to see the extended family in Wisconsin. He was incredible on the 14 hour drive – calm and content. What a relief that was! He met many relatives for the first time – great aunts and uncles, second cousins, and one of his great grandmothers!

We had a great time visiting, going “up north” to the cottage, and exposing a fourth generation (my grandparents, my mom, me, and now EO) to Green Bay’s Bay Beach amusement park. However, the real reason for our trip (Seeing family was the bonus!: ) was a bedroom makeover. My aunt and uncle’s bedroom has looked much like this for the last 20 years (but with drawers), so she was looking for an update – something simple and not too expensive. This project was right up my alley! 

Aunt Beth had picked out a print years ago that would inspire her whole bedroom makeover, so we went shopping with this picture on our phones. The idea was to update the existing furniture and change the accessories to create a space as inviting and serene as this image while keeping the room functional. 

The project was a true family affair. Aunt Beth cleaned and organized, Lissy helped me paint furniture, Mom painted the mirror and the hardware, Uncle Bob moved the super heavy bed and loaned me the necessary tools. Even EO helped me install drawer pulls on the jewelry holder! 

I’ll be honest, though, they all basically just sat and watched me while I installed the new curtain rods!

There was more than one concern raised about my choice of “stepstool.”

In the end, I think we totally achieved our goal with this space!

So, what did we do? 

1. Painted just the drawers of the furniture, the mirror, the inset of the headboard, and the base of the bed (It’s a solid, wood frame to hold their sleep number mattress.) a neutral taupe. Spray painted the brushed gold hardware a beautiful hammered black.

2. Installed new curtain rods and beautiful, soft, linen-like, floor-length curtains to frame the windows. Also bought a new bedding set.

3. Rearranged the furniture, swapped out the chair for one in another bedroom, and got rid of the dated mirror over the long dresser.

4. Added some pretty stellar accessories and artwork to the walls. 

Moving left to right: White Slat Double Frame – Walmart, Weathered Shutter and Jewelry Organizer Shelf – Hobby Lobby, Tiered Jewelry Organizer – DIY, Frame for the print that inspired it all – Hobby Lobby, Just Add Water framed print – Michaels, I think??, Funky Knobs for the Jewelry Organizer Shelf – Hobby Lobby

The Tiered Jewelry Organizer was an especially cool project, because the silver candlesticks were used in Beth and Bob’s wedding. They’ve been sitting in a closet ever since, but now they’re on display every day!

As with so many home projects, it was down to the wire to get this project completed. After we left, I know Aunt Beth filled all the empty frames with favorite photos and added a beautiful cross and sign to the little shelf above the bed. I’m so happy she likes her “new” room! 

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1 Response to Road Trip!

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Wow – I was there for the whole process and it even amazes me when I see the pieces side by side!!! And yes, you are right – we all stood watching the shortest person in the room hang the curtain rods!! We were very lame!!!! lol
    YOU did a fantastic job and I know Beth is so in love with her new room!!!
    Love, Mom

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