Shade-y Business 

Lamp Shades, that is!

I’ve had this lamp in our front hall for ages. I love its height and detail, and I initially loved the beaded shade as well, but now it doesn’t quite match the room. I’ve tried replacing the shade, but the way it connects is really funky. It has these extenders on the bulb holder, so if I try another shade, the bulb sticks out the top! I’ve actually tried several different shades, but they’re all the same. I’d resigned myself to keeping it as is, until I came across this pin last week where a lady covered an existing lampshade.

So simple. Burlap, hot glue. Done. 

I had some burlap ribbon leftover from past projects, so I cut it down the middle, peeled a few strands away to make the frayed edge, gathered it, and glued that sucker on – a one nap time project!

This other lamp shade I did over the summer. It’s in Tony’s library so there can be no frill applied, but I have this issue with things that are plain. So I added a detail I knew he wouldn’t object to – a raven! (In case you’ve been living under a rock, or if you’re new here, Tony’s got a bit of a thing for the world of Edgar Allen Poe!)

I cut the image out on my machine and just stuck it on the inside of the shade with scotch tape. I put my hand in there too, and it wasn’t hot, so I’m sure it’s safe!  : )

Charlie helped me take pictures, and he wanted me to take one of him too. Such a sweet boy!

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1 Response to Shade-y Business 

  1. Jami says:

    I love that everything is measured by naps as “time units!” And, Charlie…he is so handsome! (Not to upstage EO though…)

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