Wardrobe Part I

Most of my projects lately have been knock-offs of things I saw on Pinterest, but I’ve been working up a more original idea – a wardrobe in out guest bedroom. We’ve added closet space in our bedroom and EO’s bedroom, but we’ve hardly touched the guest room since adding the full bath a couple years ago. That room doesn’t have a closet of any kind, but the more traditional closet we put in EO’s room was such a mess with the mudding and sanding, etc. For the guest room, I’d decided a wardrobe was the best choice, but to maximize space and avoid carrying giant, heavy furniture up our narrow stairs, I wanted a built-in wardrobe that went from floor to ceiling with drawers and shelves and hanging space. This was my original plan: 
 I’d decided this would be my maternity leave project, and with only a few weeks of leave left, it was sure time to get started! 

So, EO and I went to the hardware store with my list of items. We picked up the little thing first – painting supplies, hinges, screws, etc. Then we went and got one of those lumber carts with the slot in the middle to hold the big sheets of plywood. I pushed EO in the stroller and pulled the big cart behind me. It was pretty humorous, and I got a few funny looks. The lady at the register told me I was amazing. Luckily, by then  Tony was off work and swung by the Depot to get the little man. 

Anyway, progress on this honking piece of furniture is predictably slow, but steady! Mom helped me prime and paint the first two coats on the MDF. Dad helped me cut the wood on his table saw. Tony cut out the baseboard for me. So it’s construction time! I can’t get a whole lot done while EO’s sleeping, as nap times have shrunk to 40 minutes or so. 

But I’ve had the babysitter come over a few afternoons, and that has allowed for a lot of progress!

Two more weeks. Let’s see if I can do it!

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2 Responses to Wardrobe Part I

  1. Nancy Kline says:

    Love looking at all your projects. EO is so cute! Can’t wait to see how lovely this wardrobe turns out!

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