Wardrobe Work

So… it’s been nearly a month since my last post. Yikes! I guess that tells you just how much I’ve been able to complete since I returned to work… Besides the regular craziness of transitioning to working momhood, we’ve had some wonderful weekend visitors and even a baptism for little Lovebucket!

Love that little bow tie!

And then, Thanksgiving Break – Oh how I love you! I love the extra time with family and friends, of course, the delicious food, and the push to focus on all the many blessings I’ve received…


But I also love that I finally had a little time to focus on my wardrobe project! 

To be fair, there has been some work happening. Right after I went back to work, Dad helped me cut the dados (pronounced day-doughs) for the drawer bottoms to slide into. A couple weeks ago I painted and put the drawers together, but then they sat in the dining room for awhile.  

So I was very thankful that Miss Shirley came over to watch the little turkey on Wednesday so Tony could do homework at the library, and I could get in 4 uninterrupted hours of wardrobe work! 

That’s not to say it was a blissful project experience. The wood for the drawers was a bit bowed, and they didn’t fit together quite as tightly as I’d planned, so everything was around an 1/8 of an inch off from my original measurements. And I didn’t install the slides level with oneanother the first time… Let’s just say there was significant grunting, muttered profanity, and even a frustrated tear or two as I tried to correct my various mistakes. At one point I just hammered the heck out of a screw that was too stripped to pull out. It was cathartic. In the end, I learned how to use another new tool (the planer) so I could shave down my drawers to make everything fit. And just 5 hours after I began, my drawers were all installed. 

They are massive, by the way. Before this is all said and done, I will be snapping a photo of EO sitting inside one of these!

Climbing inside this cabinet to install the drawer slides brought back memories of the sliding shelves I made for the kitchen cabinets last January. It was much easier to do without a baby growing in my belly!

Up next: The face frame for the drawers is all ready to install, then I can do drawer faces and closet doors. Getting closer!

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