Sofa Table Gifts

My grandparents have this little black table in their entryway, and apparently my mom and her sisters have coveted it for years. 

Well, Mom decided it was time they all had the table, and that surely I could build it. So on Black Friday I took a break from my wardrobe project, and we went to Home Depot. We were there at noon, and it was still a zoo, but luckily the lumber side of the store was mostly calm and quiet. That afternoon we cut all the wood and Mom used the electric sander to smooth down the tabletops and the electric drill to make the pocket screw holes. 

The tables really went together quite nicely! I think the key was my new Kreg Jig for the pocket screw holes. We used it to build the legs out of a 1×3 and a 1×2. We just joined the pieces with the 1×3 facing the front, so you can hardly tell it’s two pieces of wood put together. 

Mom took the tables home for wood filling, 2 coats of black satin paint and light distressing. 

Then she added the words we’d cut on my machine and finished them with a clear topcoat. Here they are all lined up in her hallway. 

Mom saved one table for herself and took the other two up to Green Bay to give to my aunts. That’s why I couldn’t post about them earlier – couldn’t spoil the surprise! 

Aunt Beth sent a picture of her table in place in their living room. 

My aunts were so surprised! It was fun to FaceTime with them right after they saw their tables! 

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2 Responses to Sofa Table Gifts

  1. Nancy clewell says:

    ❤ LOVE!! ❤

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    That was a blast Lindy- from start to finish!!
    And then onto the surprise!!! What fun!!
    I think we may make some more of those!!!
    Loved working on this project with you- in fact, couldn’t have done it without you!!
    Love, Mom

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