Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

Ok, to be fair, we’ve been cooking with gas for some time now. This old oven/stovetop came with the house when we bought it. 

Isn’t the discoloration at the bottom of the oven door a particularly nice feature? It’s burned on. 

As Tony and I have debated aspects of a potential kitchen remodel, one component we discussed was replacing our old gas range with an electric one. I grew up in a home with electric, so I felt most comfortable with it. Besides, I complained to my friend, Monica, “It’s impossible to cook anything on low! Our stove has two settings: high and super high!” 

Monica and her husband rave about cooking with gas, as do most of my friends who cook, come to think of it. So Monica was visiting a while ago and took a look at our range. “I see your problem,” she said. “All your burners are the same size. On most gas stoves you have a couple big burners and a couple smaller ones so it’s easier to simmer.” 

Mind. Blown. 

Anyway, we made do with our old, ugly, superheated oven for another year or so after Monica’s revelation, because it worked. And we’d learned how to compensate for the ridiculously high heat levels (manic dinner preparation). And new stoves are expensive.

Then Home Depot had a sale…

… And this Beauty found a new home! 

Next step is to box in that five inch wide space on the left. I wanted to do it when we put that little cabinet on the right in, but I was waiting to replace the stove first. You can’t see it in the photo, but our gas line comes up from the cellar in a spot that prohibits anything from going right up to that wall. Tony looked at moving it, but the floor joists line up in way that moving the line wasn’t really an option. It’s fine with me though – it will be nice to have a teeny bit of counter space on that side of the stove. 

Now it’s time to relearn how to cook all my favorite stovetop recipes!

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1 Response to Now We’re Cooking With Gas!

  1. Monica says:

    Woot! So glad you stuck with gas! You will LOVE it and it won’t take any time at all to adjust to cooking on a decent gas stove!

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