Family Photos

My Mother’s Day gift was a Family Photo session, and we finally got around to having it in mid-September! Here are some highlights of the morning. Make sure you scroll all the way to the end!Tony (11 of 117)Tony (17 of 117)Tony (27 of 117)Tony (75 of 117)

We met Photographer Sarah at Loose Park early on a Sunday. She basically said let the kiddo do what he wants, and we’ll follow his lead. Three weeks later we had a flash drive with over 100 images! She included a lot of good ones, as well as quite a few “real” moments.

It was also a great opportunity for EO to share his big announcement!

Tony (79 of 117)Tony (112 of 117)

Baby Number 2 arrives April 2018!

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4 Responses to Family Photos

  1. Heidi says:

    How exciting!!!. EO is adorable! What a lovely family! So happy for you guys.

  2. Nancy clewell says:

    Congratulations! So excited for you all!!

  3. Nancy Kline says:

    Great pictures. So cute! Would be cute to have a collage for Christmas cards. But you probably already thought of that! Lol. Congratulations on baby no. 2. I thought you might be pregnant based on a comment Debbie Jones said on a FB post.

  4. Dad says:

    Great pictures!

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