Merry Christmas!

This year was a white Christmas for our little family – a white sand BEACH Christmas, that is!

Tony picked me up from school last Tuesday with the car already packed, and we went straight to the airport. EO was an absolute champ on the plane. He played with some of the Dollar Store toys we brought with us and loved looking out the windows at the planes, the clouds, the wing, etc. We had dinner on our layover in Nashville and got EO all ready for bed. It took a little while, but he finally fell asleep on Momma during that second flight. Once we landed in Ft. Lauderdale, Tony took the checked bags and I took the gate checked items and the no longer sleeping toddler to get the shuttle to the hotel. Arriving after midnight made for a long day, but it was all worth it to arrive at our adorable little condo in Naples by noon the next day.

We went straight to the beach for an hour, and EO loved playing in the sand!

Then the boys went grocery shopping while I had a surprise prenatal massage and pedicure (there may or may not have been a hormone induced breakdown on Sunday evening about not having time to get a pedicure before our trip) at the spa! Then it was dinner at the condo and an early night for all!

On Thursday we wore EO out in the morning at the beach! I don’t know what he loved more – digging in the sand, splashing with Daddy, or riding on the paddle board! We went back to the condo midday expecting EO’s typical 1.5 hour nap, but he slept for 3.5 hours! That afternoon we made it back to the beach for an hour or so for sunset before dinner at Steamers Seafood (incredible clam chowder!) and a drive downtown for ice cream. What a fun day!

Friday was our boat excursion day. We set sail on the Sweet Liberty Catamaran at 9:30. Leaving from Naples Bay, we rode past some of the most incredible homes you’ve ever seen at Port Royal. The Captain said one of those homes sold last year for $48 million. There were 6 dolphins hanging out in the bay, and they gave us quite a show, swimming right up to the boat over and over again.

After leaving the bay we pulled up onto the sand of Key Island and walked down the stairs straight onto the beach for some shore exploring time.

Then they put the sails up and we got to sail back to the bay. Tony and I were back in our happy place, and EO loved exploring the boat. Apparently the 3.5 hour nap was going to be one the norm for the little guy, so that evening we drove down the street to Clam Pass, a 3/4 mile boardwalk through the mangroves to the beach, where we played for a half hour and watched the sunset before dinner in. EO was enthralled with the sunset and loved learning a new word!

Saturday and Sunday were much the same in the most delightfully predictable ways: beach, SUP, and home for nap around noon. Tony stayed at the condo to read while baby slept and Momma went to the pool! Then a little more beach time and a beautiful sunset.

Sunday morning did bring quite a surprise though. The three of us were all out in the water when I noticed a fin pop out about 20 feet away. There were dolphins swimming right near us! Three of them rolled and flapped and played right around us for several minutes. Someone on the beach snapped a cellphone photo and sent it to me. The quality is terrible, but you can see all of us!

That brings us to today, Christmas Day! What better way to celebrate Jesus’ birthday than enjoying his splendid creation! A beautiful morning at the beach before loading up the car to travel home where our relatives will quite literally be awaiting our arrival! We will be glad to spend some time with them and to reunite with Charlie, whom we’ve missed very much!

I hope you all are having a joyous holiday season!

With Love,

Lindy, Tony, and EO

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2 Responses to Merry Christmas!

  1. Dad says:

    Looks like a very fun Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas!


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