A New Chair (Cover) for Charlie

So… our dog has his own chair. We didn’t really intend for it to happen, but I must say, it’s been one of the best accidents. Charlie will spend hours laying on his chair, and we practically have to drag him off the thing at bedtime! 

When Charlie was just a puppy, Tony felt guilty that he wasn’t allowed on the furniture. So Tony would sit on his own chair and invite Charlie to sit on his lap. Over time Charlie would climb into that chair by himself, but he never tried to sit on the other furniture. He’d claimed that chair as his own. Luckily, it was part of a set of old hand-me-down chairs, so it wasn’t terribly important to us anyway. As we began replacing them, first with a chair for me, and then a recliner for Tony (because that’s what Dads have, right?), we would trade out whichever chair looked worst and hide it away, leaving the nicer of the set for Charlie’s chair.  You may remember I talked about these chairs when I posted about our personalized pillows

Anyway, Charlie’s chair has been in rough shape of late. 

When the little chunks of chair fabric started winding up in Edmond’s play rice tub, it was time to do something. I ordered 7 yards of really heavy-duty upholstery fabric and spent nap times last weekend working on a slipcover. I totally intended to take pictures during the process, but the camera was downstairs… and things were just going so well, I couldn’t stop! 

Since this chair is in the living room and guests do sit there when Charlie lets them, I’m glad it wasn’t my first slipcover. Over the summer I made one for other chair in the set. It’s now up in EO’s new room with this adorable $10 garage sale giraffe fabric.

I learned a lot from that first project! Just like they told us to do on Trading Spaces all those years ago, I flipped the fabric inside out and just started pinning. With this first chair, I learned the importance of trimming the fabric down before sewing the seams. At first I was afraid to cut off too much fabric, but reducing the bulk made it much easier to see what needed sewing. I started with the panel that goes over the back rest and onto the seat. I attached that to the sides of the backrest and then worked on the armrests. Finally, I added the front panels, hemmed all around and added ties to the back so they can come off easily. They’re far from perfect, and they do get pretty bunched up when someone sits on them. Ideally I would have sewn a separate cushion cover for the seats, but they don’t come off, so I just had to go over the top of the cushion. It sure looks better than it did though, right? 

When guests come over I can pull off the blankets and it will almost look like we have a nice piece of furniture! The best part, of course, will be not having to clean up the chunks of bonded leather anymore! 

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2 Responses to A New Chair (Cover) for Charlie

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    Fabulous job!!
    I know Charlie loves his chair!!

  2. Dad says:

    Nice work Baby Girl!

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