Baby Update

Have I mentioned that Baby #2 is a girl?!?

When I first painted this room a few years ago, I did so knowing it would be turned into a gender neutral nursery. With the news that it’s next occupant will be a little lady, though, I’ve been working on “girlifying” the room. It’s taking forever, but these snow days have really helped! Since we moved EO into his new room over the weekend, I’ve finally been able to get into the old one to get some stuff up on the walls during naptimes… after cookie baking and water painting, that is!

The biggest decor change was the huge floral rug, of course, but I also wanted to change out the artwork. In particular, I wanted to highlight that etched and leaded glass door.  It was the central door in a hutch in my parents’ dining room for as long as I can remember. When Mom tried to sell the hutch, there was an accident and this door was all that she could salvage. I primed (tinting the primer with a few drops of red paint), painted, and changed out all the hardware (including all the brackets holding the glass in, because they stood out a good inch or so in the back), and added a hanger to the back. Then I used coarse sandpaper to rough up and distress the edges.

The “little lady” frame above the G was a clearance purchase from Goodwill that’s been waiting for a new life for a couple years. My initial intent was just to paint it, but it looked worse painted than it did with the ugly horse picture in it! The frame was covered in pock marks, and the paint really highlighted them. So the coffee filter flowers were Plan B. I kind of like the texture it brings to the trio.

When my cousin came to visit from Green Bay a couple months ago, we went out for a girls night at Pinot’s Palette, and this is what we made! I chose the pink color knowing this would be the perfect spot to hang it.

We have been so blessed already by hand-me-downs for this Little Lady! I mean, check out this girl’s closet! I also made a couple little skirts to go with all the onesies from my baby shower with EO. The dye has faded a bit on some of them, but all the cute messages are still there!

There are still a couple more projects to complete, but things are starting to come together for little girl. Good thing, too! We’re only about 6 weeks from her arrival!

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2 Responses to Baby Update

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Coffee filters?! Amazing!

    So excited for you all!

  2. Pam McNicoll says:

    Can’t wait to met this little wonder!!

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