Slide Out Sewing Shelf

Moving EO into his new room and relocating our big desk meant I lost both my craft storage and sewing space. I got rid of a bunch of old craft supplies and decided to move the majority of what was left into my closet. When Tony built my closet, he included a storage space just the right size for those big 18 gallon storage tubs. I added some very basic shelves a few years ago and covered it with this polka dot curtain.

This was where the Christmas decorations were, so they went up to the attic to make room for the craft supplies. But I needed to do something different with my sewing machine. Sewing is not my favorite activity, so it’s much easier to motivate myself if the machine is easy to get to. If I had to lug it off a shelf and clear a space to use it every time something needed sewing, odds would be good that it wouldn’t happen. I decided a slide-out shelf that the machine could live on all the time would  be the best option.

The shelves aren’t fancy in any way. Most of them are scraps of prefab shelving from downstairs or plywood we had left in the shed. The slide out shelf is just a sanded plywood scrap nailed to a 1×2 frame and mounted with heavy duty drawer slides. But now my machine is easily accessible when I need to use it, and it stores away easily when I’m done – no lugging or cleaning necessary.

This project was the last one on my Before Baby list. Both kids’ rooms are done. Freezer meals have been made. And now my sewing station is ready too. Little Lady can make her debut as soon as I have time for a pedicure!

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1 Response to Slide Out Sewing Shelf

  1. Pam McNicoll says:

    And pedicure is now complete, so little one we are waiting for you!!

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