Party Time!

Last weekend we celebrated EO’s 2nd birthday on Saturday AND Gem’s baptism on Sunday. Talk about a whirlwind. Tony’s parents aren’t able to visit often, so it made sense to celebrate both events while they were able to attend, but that made for a very busy weekend!

We had a little backyard BBQ for the birthday party with a bit of a train theme. EO’s cake said “ChugaChuga Two Two” and we set up the train set all around the table. He raced around the table pushing the train for a solid half hour before guests started to arrive. That’s a long time for a toddler to stick with one activity!

To add a little height to the tablescape, I strung twine between two chunks of scrap 4×4 and put pictures from the last year on them (see photo above). After the family and neighbors left that night it was easy to switch things over to celebrate our Little Lady the next morning. We just put away the train, switched the photos out, and added some flowers from the front yard.

That way the table was all ready to go for brunch after the church service.

EO totally stole the show during the service! He climbed all over the altar, then strolled down the aisle with the pastor and Gemma as she was introduced to the congregation, and he never once glanced back at us! He would have walked right out the door if the pastor hadn’t called him back!

We all had a lot of fun… and we all took long naps on Sunday afternoon!

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1 Response to Party Time!

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Love it! Thanks for sharing. I bet EO’s smile won over many hearts that day! 😁

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