Oregon with the Fam

Tony and I love to travel. And we’re good at it, too! You may remember that a few years ago we traveled through Europe for a month with just one carryon bag each.

Then we had children, and this happened:

I had the two children, EO’s backpack, and the diaper bag. Tony had our two suitcases, the two car seats, the double stroller, our Pack’n’Play for EO to sleep in, and the Stand Up Paddle board! Traveling light is not something we can do these days. Nonetheless, we had an excellent time on our recent trip to Oregon!

The first part of our vacay was spent in the Columbia River Gorge area. Just over an hour east of Portland and nestled between Mount Adams in Washington state and Mount Hood in Oregon, the Hood River Valley is beautiful and lush. Here’s a view of the mountain as we drove to our first hiking spot:

This road is part of what’s known as The Fruit Loop as there are fruit farms all along the road. During nap time one day I actually went and picked fresh cherries at Draper Girl’s Fresh Fruit Farm!

I estimate it took me about 45 minutes to pick approximately 9lb. of cherries, and the only reason it took that long was I had to climb both trees! Totally worth it – they were delicious!

The highlight of our time in Hood River was definitely the hiking. Edmond loved seeing all the waterfalls. This one was right off the scenic Historic Highway and a short walk up a steep hill – Latourel Falls.

We spent one whole morning hiking to the Tamanawas Falls, a waterfall at the end of a gorgeous 2 mile trail. As we set out in the morning we thought, “Hmm, it may not be the smartest decision to take our 2 year old on a 4 mile hike…” but EO was a trouper. He walked the whole thing by himself!

The falls at the end of the hike were gorgeous, and the mist was refreshing as the day started to warm up.

On a different day we stopped at the Gorge White House, an old farmhouse along the Fruit Loop with a food truck.

The food was fantastic, and we really enjoyed sipping our hard cider flight with this as our view.

While I’m not sure we’d stay in Hood River again in the future, there were a lot of great things about the town. On Friday night they closed a couple blocks of Main Street for a big block party. The ice cream shop was delicious! And they had an incredible Riverfront Park for kids.

On our way to meet up with the rest of the fam, we stopped to see my brother! We hadn’t seen him for years, and EO was psyched to meet Uncle David!

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