Thanks and Stockings

Look who’s 8 months old tomorrow!

We never travel for Thanksgiving, but the kids won’t see their grandparents this year at Christmas. So, last week we loaded up and made the drive to Tony’s hometown in South Dakota.

You can see we had a full vehicle (Thanks, again, Wagner Fam for the use of the van!) with both kiddos and Uncle Ben. Charlie was back there too!

The 500 mile drive went really well! EO’s backpack was loaded with books, play doh, and crayons, and the snack bag had plenty of cheese and clementines to occupy a little boy. We only had to stop twice, so we made the trip in about 9 hours.

Yes, he’s wearing his socks on his hands. I had him all tucked in with a quilt, but when I woke from my own power nap, this is what I saw!

We had a lovely Thanksgiving visit with the grandparents, and I even had time for a project!

I bought these stockings with all my Christmas ornaments 13 years ago, and I love them! They’re not a family heirloom or anything, but I still love pulling them out each year. Anyway, now that our family is complete, it was time to personalize the stockings. I mean, Santa has to know whose is whose, right?!

Using a tip I found on Pinterest, I traced over the script directly from my computer screen onto tissue paper (made more challenging with a touchscreen!), pinned the paper to the stockings, and sewed right along the lines.

I don’t have extensive experience with hand embroidery. My mom used to buy me craft kits when I was a kid, and I know just one style of stitch. It was enough to complete this simple project, though. The paper did rip quite a bit as I stitched, but what was left at the end pulled off easily.

Now the stockings are all hung and ready for Santa to fill them later this month!

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2 Responses to Thanks and Stockings

  1. Nancy Clewell says:

    Love your stockings! Have a great Holiday with your family.

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