Front Porch Painting

Tony and I typically divide and conquer on house projects, and painting the front porch (which was badly needed for years!) was no different. Last summer (2018) my mom and I took the children to Green Bay, and Tony stayed home to work on school work. He also did his part of the porch project. So, while I was doing this:

Tony was doing this:

He scraped, primed, and sprayed all the pillars. He rebuilt and repainted the railings and spindles. When we got home, I helped him roll the floor (along with Teeny Baby Gem Gem!) and reinstall the railings.

And that’s where the project stopped for the next 12 months. It was my job to complete the accent paint, and I just could not get motivated. I couldn’t even decide on the colors! Then I was at the store in late July looking at paint samples for a school project, and I grabbed some for the house too.

I am so happy with the results!

If you look in real life, you can easily see all the wear and tear on these geriatric pillars. One was in particularly rough shape though – entire chunks were missing, right next to the front steps. We kicked around a number of ideas to fix the pillar, but the winning strategy was to trim down a large round block to fit the holes. Tony attached it with liquid nails, and I caulked as best I could.

Once the paint was on, you could hardly tell anymore!

Here’s another before, when it was all white, and after, with the accent colors.

Now we just have to become brave enough to carry these colors up to the decorative clapboard at the top of the house!

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2 Responses to Front Porch Painting

  1. Nancy says:

    Wow—it really pops and dresses the place up!

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