Refinished Cabinets, Take II

Last week’s Thanksgiving holiday meant time for a house project! And this one was long overdue. One of our first kitchen projects, 6 years ago, was refinishing the cabinets with bead board wallpaper and new paint. At that time we were expecting to do a full kitchen remodel, so the wallpaper was temporary. Since we’ve put off the kitchen remodel indefinitely, the wallpaper was in dire need of replacing. I’d grown tired of repairing the nicks with superglue, and the ones I couldn’t repair bugged the heck out of me each time I opened a door!

So Tony picked up a sheet of thin , beaded fiberboard and cut 9 pieces to size. But before I could use liquid nails to attach the new insets, we had to remove the old wallpaper. I was dreading this step, but had prepared by purchasing a wallpaper removal spray and cutting tool.

Thanksgiving festivities were finished and the kids were eating a bit of dinner before they went to bed, so Tony picked up a razor blade and cut away some of the old caulk. Then the whole sheet of wallpaper peeled away in one piece!

A little water and the rest of the paper backing wiped away. We had all the paper removed and the cabinets cleaned before the kids finished eating, and I never opened the scoring tool or the special spray!

Man! As much as I hate redoing a project, it’s a good reminder of how bad those cabinet doors looked when we moved in!

Gluing the new insets was super easy, though we didn’t have near enough clamps, so Tony loaned me his set of encyclopedias to use as weights.

The most challenging part of the whole project was waiting for the caulk to dry so I could start painting!

It was weird doing a project where the end result looked just like the starting point, but hopefully these new faces will hold up a lot better.

Lesson learned about paintable, textured wallpaper- it’s great for walls and surfaces that don’t get a ton of use. It still looks fantastic behind our open shelves!

But for cabinets and surfaces that get banged up by dogs and children, it’s got to be hard wood.

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  1. Dad says:

    Nice work!

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